Crafting Your Way To Survival: Green Hell Recipes For Every Occasion

Green Hell is a survival simulator in an open world in which your character turned out to be abandoned and lost in the tropical forests of the Amazon.
One in the jungle, you must do everything possible to survive.
In such extreme conditions, you will fight even for the basics.

So, you will need to start creating your own shelter, which means tools, as well as survived, encountering some hostile local residents, which means to make armor and weapons.
Below you will find all Green He’ll craft recipes that you need to stay alive.

What are all craft recipes for Green Hell?

To create an item in a green hell (if you have materials), open your inventory by pressing a TAB on the keyboard.
Choose craft from the right menu, then drag the materials you need to craft rock that appears on the screen.
Or click C and select Create in the menu wheel.
When you have all the materials on Crafting Rock, necessary to create an object, the craft button will appear.
Please note that Tribal Fire starter is the only recipe that you cannot use until you unlock it (you can find it in the West Native Camp).
The items that you need below can mainly be found by collecting objects that is achieved by clicking with the right mouse button.
For example, click a long bamboo stick with your right mouse button to get two bamboo sticks.
Please note that some items require other items to be created in the first place.
If the created item is too large for your backpack, click a large object with the right mouse button while it is on the ground, and select create in the opening menu.

recipes of weapons

  • Arrow: bird feathers (x2), small stick
  • Bamboo oven: a long bamboo stick, rope
  • Bamboo onions: long bamboo stick, rope
  • Bamboo spear: bamboo stick
  • Blade ax: wooden stick, stone blade (x3)
  • Bone ax: wooden stick, bone (x2), rope
  • Bone knife: bone, rope
  • Bone spear: long stick, bone, rope
  • Bow: long stick, rope
  • Four-pointed spear: a long stick, a small stick (x2), a rope.
  • Bamboo spear with four blades: a long bamboo stick, a small stick (x2), a rope.
  • Metal arrow: a cast metal tip of an arrow, a bird feather (x2), a small stick, a rope.


  • Metal ax: cast a metal ax, stick, rope
  • Metal blade: cast metal blade, rope
  • Metal chick: cast metal blade, stick, rope
  • Metal spear: cast metal blade, long stick, rope
  • Obsidian ax: obsidian, rope, wooden stick
  • Obsidian blade: obsidian, rope, small stone
  • Obsidian spear: obsidian, rope, long stick
  • Poisonous darts (x5): incomplete darts, poisonous frog, stretchers for frogs
  • Blade stick: a small stick (x2), a small stone, a rope.
  • Stone ax: wooden stick, small stone
  • Stone ax (reinforced version): wooden stick, stone blade, rope
  • Stone blade: small stone (x2)
  • Stone spear: long stick, rope, stone blade
  • Incomplete darts: bamboo stick, fiber
  • Small spear: Long stick

recipes of armor

  • Armor of the battleship: banana sheet, armadillo shell, rope (x2)
  • Bamboo armor: banana leaf, bamboo stick (x3), rope (x2)
  • Bone armor: banana sheet, bone (x3), rope (x2)
  • Sheet armor: banana sheet, rope (x2)
  • Metal armor: banana sheet, cast metal armor (x3), rope (x2)
  • Stick armor: banana sheet, stick (x3), rope (x2)

recipes of tools

  • Bamboo fishing rod: long bamboo stick, rope, bird feather (x2), Brazilian nutshell
  • Bone hook: bone needle
  • Coconut can: drinking coconut, rope
  • Fiery onions: onions, small stone, small stick, board
  • Fishing hook: fish bone
  • Fishing rod: long stick, rope, bird feather (x2), Brazilian walnut shell
  • Hand drill: wooden wand, small stick
  • Bar for a hand drill: a small stick, board
  • Torch: stick, rope, wood resin
  • Tribal arsonist: small stick (x2), rope (x2)
  • Weak torch: stick, rope

recipes for mold

  • Form for armor: empty shape, molten iron ore, stick
  • Arrow mold: empty shape, molten iron ore, arrow
  • Form for an ax: an empty shape, molten iron ore, stone ax
  • Form for the blade: empty shape, molten iron ore, stone blade
  • Empty form: clay brick
  • clay brick: dirt (x2), ashes

Recipes of medicine

  • Ash bandage: leaf bandage, ash
  • Goliath dressing: Leaf bandage, ashes of a Goliath poultry vehicle
  • Honey dressing: leaf dressing, honeycomb
  • Leaf bandage: a sheet of Moravia
  • Lily training: a sheet of dressings, a sheet of plantain lilies
  • Tobacco dressing: leaf bandage, tobacco leaves
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