The 10 Most Popular Xbox Game Pass Games

Are you an xbox fan? If so, then you’ll want to check out this list of the 10 most popular games currently available on the Xbox Game Pass. From high-paced shooters to story-driven adventures, there’s something here for every type of gamer. Find out what’s hot right now and see if you can find your next favorite game!

On December 13th of this year, High on Life, the new very first individual shooter by Studio Squinch Games and Rick and Morty developer Justin Roland was released.
Critics were typically not excessive with the idea of the game-like, the speaking weapon buddies, and in addition, some issues with the performance triggered disappointment amongst gamers.


At least the performance issues have actually now been largely dealt with, which is why High up on Life is presently on a user rating from 7.8 on Metacritic, compared to the metacore of 67.

High on life is very popular!
At least in the Xbox Game Pass
The rather special idea of the shooter makes High up on Life one of the titles that you either actually like or definitely loathes.
Understandably, numerous gamers will not be ready to pay the cost of just under 50 euros on Steam, just to learn whether they actually like the video game at all.
It is quite good that High on Life can also be found in the Xbox Game Pass, where the video game was able to use up a great deal of speed after the current performance fixes.
According to the official Xbox site, High on Life is presently the most popular game in the whole catalog of the Game Hand down both the console and on the PC.
The title was able to overtake other strong entries such as Minecraft and Fora Horizon 5, which generally use up the whole year.
Why the title is so well received by Game Pass users can have numerous reasons.
There might have been a lot of gamers who were really thinking about High up on Life, but did not decide directly for a purchase due to the originality of the title.

The offer of the Game Pass in 2022 was possibly merely not particularly appealing, which is why most users now want to check the huge new video game.
Microsoft himself only released Sentiment, Grounded, and as Dusk Falls in 2022.
Although they are all rather successful and popular games, they may not always have the Wow factor that High on Life brings.
The price of 50 euros for a brand brand-new video game of a brand name brand-new studio could likewise have been set expensive for many players, which is why they choose to play High on Life in the video game pass.
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