Twitter Drama: Elon Musk Lets You Decide Whether To Step Back

Elon Musk has made an announcement that he will step back as CEO of Twitter, if people vote in support. His tweet has lead to a mixture of reactions from the Twitter verse, with some supporting his decision and others claiming that it was a big mistake.

When once again, Elon Musk makes headings with his takeover of the Twitter Social network platform: After taking control of the microblogging network for a whopping $44 billion at the end of October, he then consistently triggered a sensational report: First
If he wished to hack heaven that signifies that an account is a genuine person or a pertinent company, accessible to everyone who spends for eight dollars.
This returned appropriately due to the fact that afterwards trolls were spending as big company accounts and declining tweets, which brought the share prices collapse.
It was rapidly rowed back.
The promise of Musk that Twitter is now the platform of flexibility of expression, the billionaire did not see.

Since numerous accounts of reporters who slammed him were then merely obstructed due to freshly created rules.
After a lot of criticism, Musk might now have actually pertained to reason: in a survey, he has his post as CEO voted by Twitter.
And it doesn’t exactly run in his favor…

I will stick to the results of this study

MultiMilliadär Elon Musk has had his Twitter followers voted on the chief position of the network for several hours.
Should I step down as head of Twitter? I will adhere to the results of this study, he composes on the social media platform.
As answers, yes and no are possible.
And the survey does not seem to be in his favor: At the time at which this article is composed, around 58% of all votes are that Musk withdraws from the post of CEO.
So far, more than 17 million users have actually collaborated.
Most just recently, the Tesla and SpaceX boss had actually typically caused negative headlines: After the blue thing was introduced for everyone, Giant accounts spent genuine corporations and, for example, brought the stock producer Eli Lilly to collapse
When it was announced, insulin would be now free for everybody.
The proximity to conservative and conservative individuals who are looking for Musk on Twitter is likewise slammed by many: the multi-illiadary has repeatedly taken part in tweets from widely known conspiracy theorists or ultra-right accounts or liked them.
Even his own tweets, in which he serves right stories, are no longer unusual on his account with more than 120 million followers.
And only recently had Musk blocked numerous accounts of prominent United States reporters who had critically reported Twitter about him and his platform.
An announcement of the microblogging service that it is forbidden in the future to connect other online platforms and websites such as Facebook, Instagram or Mastodon consulted with criticism.


Who could end up being Elon Musk’s?

On Twitter, however, the speculation also increases as to who the successor of Musk might be, needs to he really steps down as CEO.
In a photo that is distributing on Twitter, he can be seen at the World Cup last in between Argentina and France in the grandstand.
Beside him is the son-in-law of Donald Trump, Jared Kushner.
Now some suspect that he could end up being the brand-new Twitter CEO.
That would not be particularly ridiculous, after all, Musk freely admits to the US Republicans, consisting of Trump: Shortly prior to the election for the Congress in early November, the multi-billionaire called on to choose the Republicans.
Even if Kushner should not be the new CEO, Musk warns in a tweet that you must be careful what you want, because you could get it in the end.
This tweet is most likely to be a direct allusion to his critics who wish him as CEO from Twitter.
Musk would still have all power later on and the follow-up boss need to in principle just be a puppet of the multimilliarist.
How the whole drama around Twitter ultimately ends and how the other business of Elon Musk might influence remains open for the time being.
Musk just recently organized an extremely similar survey, which was about the return of Donald Trump.
Over the past couple of years, Twitter has actually turned into one of the most important communication platforms not only for news portals and celebs, but also governments, authorities and politicians.
How do you see that: Is Elon Musk a great CEO for Twitter or do you desire someone else to do?
Or do you care all the drama?
Like to write that in the remarks!
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