How To Find Mystical Herb In Pokemon Scarlet And Purple

Tera’s incursions are the only way to find mystical herb to use in your sandwiches, so it is a good practice to look for incursions that give them without taking too long to win.
You are probably wondering if a specific type of term or Pokemon is easier to win, so here you have everything you need to know about it.
The best rewards of the Raids for Herbs Mystic in Pokémon Scarlet & Purpura.

How to cultivate mystic herb in scarlet and purple Pokemon

Herbs Mystic is only available in incursions of 5 and 6 stars;
It is easier to keep the first because you can do it alone with the right Pokemon.
Ditto is an excellent incursion option because you will want one to raise, and literally cannot damage an earth type with an air balloon and a set of earthquake and tantrum movements.
Rich’s incursions are also easy for Pokemon Terrestrial, since it mainly uses electrical attacks.


Alissa is another 5-star incursion to grow herba, since it has low attack statistics and has movements like Six mic Toss that will not affect Ghost Pokémon.
Glimmer can be a 5-star foray easy to use alone because it has Ground and Poison movements that Ground types can ignore.
You can make Ice and Horus incursions alone with Kingston because it is immune to dragon attacks and resists flying and bug movements, and then hits with super effective steel attacks.
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If you were lucky enough to catch a Harvard during the El Raid event, it is an incredible Pokemon for 5-star incursions in solo because it is at level 100 with excellent IV.
Autofill is also quite useful for incursions due to its strong set of offensive movements and typing.
Portion and Myrmidon have strange predetermined movements sets, but Drain Punch and Thunderbolt, respectively, and have enough PP for solo incursions.
That is all we have in cultivating mystical herbs raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

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