How To Make A Drink Of The Explosion In Potion Craft. With An Alchemy Simulator On Game Pass, It Has Never Been So

With an alchemy simulator on Game Pass, it has never been so much fun to run a shop as now.
In Potion Craft you can mix many combinations of ingredients to produce all kinds of potions and then sell them to a customer base to help you with all possible problems.
An exciting creation is the explosive potion, which represents an excellent addition to your alchemy shop.
To create an explosion, you have to use the right ingredients in the correct order to make the perfect batch.
This guide leads you through the steps to the production of an explosive potion and the necessary ingredients.

required ingredients to produce a potion of the explosion in potion craft

An explosive potion only needs two ingredients, but they need three each.
These include:
3 wind flowers
3 fire bells
If you follow these ingredients as described below, you can make the perfect explosive potion.
Perform the following steps in turn:
Step 1: Add a shredded winder.
Step 2: Add a crushed Fireball.
Step 3: Add a Fireball directly into the mixture.
Step 4: Add a crushed winder.

  • Step 5: Add another shredded Fireball.
  • Step 6: Add another winder and adjust it with water to reach level 3.
    You have to grind and shred the ingredients as mentioned above, or you will achieve a different result.
    If you adjust to a higher level with the water, you get a stronger drink that supplies you with additional gold, which is the best part of the explosive potion.


If you know how to make this potion, your alchemy shop will work even better than before.
An excellent tip to become the best alchemy shop on the market must be ensured that you experiment with all your available ingredients;
If you do this, you can create an option that you didn’t even know about was possible!
We plan to have more magic recipes on our website to help our readers, so stay tuned, and we will provide you for you shortly!
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-This article was updated on December 14, 2022