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Find All 15 Locations Of The Abbey In Marvels Midnight Suns

When you do not fight in a good battle against Lilith and Hydra in the Midnight Suns of Marvel, you can spend time in the abbey, walking with your comrades-superheroes.
Every day you can chat with one of your heroes in certain places that you can find in the territory called the harbor.


Each shelter can only be used once, and each hero can only be brought into a shelter once.
But, fortunately, there are more refugees than heroes, so you will always have a choice where to get them, as soon as you find them all.
Below you will find all 15 ABBEY HAVEN locations in Marvel Midnight Suns.

Where are all the harbor in Midnight Suns from Marvel?

Shelters are very easy to find if you have access to the area in which they are.
Blue whirlwind.

Just go to one of them and interact with it to get it.
Added to your HAVEN list.
As soon as you have at least one shelter, a new option will appear when you talk to the Superber ally.
Choose to invite you to Maine to enjoy a quick scene and conversation with them, as well as a significant increase in friendship.
The first 10 locations can be found in just two words of power.
All HAVEN locations are listed below (note: names can vary the locations are constant):
1. The wooded peak of the hill: almost right south of the marker on the Dreamers Descent map, up the hill near the pets’ cemetery.
2. A dusty emptiness: a little behind the sanctuary of Agatha on the right, on the way to the first bloody gate to the north of the abbey.
3. The lazy stream: leave the abbey to the west and go to the steps leading to the altar of Agatha.
Turn right in advance, and the harbor will be at the stream.
4. The windy meadow: go along the north-eastern path from Standing Stones.
At the foot of the hill, where the path is branched left and right, instead, turn directly from the path.
5. Shady forest: go to the left, if you face Agatha’s altar, and climb the steps to the left of him.
The shelter is upstairs of the steps.
6. The elevating meadow: go west from the altar of Agatha through a broken bridge to a small round protrusion.
There is refuge to you to the right.
7. Sensing: Follow the way northwest of the wind of the winds.
At the first intersection to the left of you there will be two ways.
The second goes to a small garden, where you will find the next harbor.
8. The terrible glade: on the way leading past the old Salem cemetery and a hanging tree.
9. Ancient bridge: next to the path at the intersection, to which you arrive, quickly moving into the eternal flowering forests, next to the place where Agatha stands.
10. Quiet hill: Near the Cottage of Agatha.
11. Quiet stupidity: in the garden Lilith, next to the greenhouse.
12. Rocky transition: on the way between the garden and foggy swamps, south of the wall that you break at the end of the envy garden.
13. Wet retreat: beyond the wall south of the descent’s descent, where you can break through the blockage on the road to the right of the unknown grave.
14. Shady path: south of the intersection between the cross of the guide and the eternally flowering clearing.
15. Desert depression: at the end of the path, which leads west from the point of fast movement of the envy garden, at a T-shaped intersection behind locking on the way.
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