5 Tips for Buying League of Legends Virtual Currency

If you want to buy RP, the League of Legends virtual currency to purchase LOL champions skins or suddenly buy an event pass, but for some reason you can’t afford the price full of one of the packages, know that it is possible
Make this purchase with installments.
Methods to do this includes purchasing online gift cards and credit cards we teach you how to do this.

How to buy RP?

Buying RP in League of Legends is a simple process and similar to virtual currencies in any other online game.
In short, just find the purchase option, enter your billing information, and you’re done.
See the detailed step by step in the case of LOL:
1. Open League of Legends and visit the game store by clicking an icon in the upper right corner of the customer
2. Find the Buy RP option
3. Choose the amount of RP you want to purchase
4. Fill in the necessary data and confirm the purchase
5. Ready, you should already receive RP and the value in the upper right corner should be updated, good purchases!

What are the RP payment methods?

Riot Games offers the following options for buying RP’s in azil:
Credit card
Bank slip
Prepaid cards purchased in physical stores
Pin Code, which are prepaid online codes, also known as Gift Cards

How to buy RP installment?

To buy RP via credit card with installment payment you must choose a purchase option via PagSeguro.
See the image below:
By selecting this method a pagseguro window will open, in which you must fill in basic collection data such as card number, validity, security code etc.


At the end of the form there is a menu that allows you to install the purchase of RP up to three times without interest.
After filling out all the information and selecting the amount of installments, just click Finish Purchase and you’re done.
Your PR should not take long to appear in the account.
Like every installment purchase, the total amount is taken from the amount of credit available, but you will only pay the installment in the next invoice and so on until they are over.
It can be a viable option for those who want to better control monthly spending and could not pay the price full of an RP package.

How to buy RP in installments with gift card

There is another alternative to buy RP in installments in League of Legends through Pica virtual gift cards.
The application also involves the credit card, after all, all installment needs to be done this way, but you get a code that must be inserted in the LOL customer to receive the RP amount.

Pica is a payment application that allows a series of online transactions, such as ticket payment, pix transfer, transportation ticket load and also online gaming cards, such as LOL itself.
So if you want to buy RP in installments this way, download the application and check out the step by step:
With the downloaded app, you will first need to create an account.
Just follow the instructions
On the home screen, type in the search League of Legends
You will see two options: $50 and $100;
Select one of them
Fill in your credit card information and then click on the installment option
Select the desired amount of installments and then conclude by clicking Pay
You will receive a PIN code that must be redeemed inside the lol and immediately the RP falls into your account
Important: Unlike the installment method via pagseguro, the installments in Pica have interest.
The purchase application allows installment up to 12 times, which may be more comfortable for some users, but throughout the period the total paid for the amount of RP will be greater than a direct purchase or the other installment method on behalf
of the rates.

Where to put the pin to get my RP?

Once you get the PIN of purchase via Gift Card, you need to go to the Buy RP option inside the LOL store, but get the list of options to find prepaid cards and codes.
Just fill in with the code received and basic information, ending when clicking Submit.

How much does each RP pack cost?

Riot Games provides the following payment methods for RP purchase in azil:
Credit card
Bank slip
Prepaid cards purchased in physical stores
Pin Code, which are prepaid online codes, also known as Gift Cards
RP values are different depending on the option chosen.
With credit card, bank slip, bank transfer/deposit and pix the amounts are as follows:
R $10,90-400 RP
R $34,90-1380 RP
R $69,90-2800 RP
R $124,90-5075 RP
R $174,90-7200 RP
R $349,90-15000 RP
Already the prepaid card method/gift card/pin code has the following packages:

  • R $10,00-365 RP
  • R $16,00-595 RP
  • R $20,00-755 RP
  • R $25,00-960 RP
  • R $32,00-1255 RP
  • R $40.00-1585 RP
  • R $50,00-1990 RP
  • R $64,00-2560 RP
  • R $100.00-4035 RP
  • R $113,00-4575 RP
  • R $160,00-6560 RP
  • R $320,00-13625 RP
    Now, by SMS there are only two packages:
  • R $4,99-125 RP
  • R $9,99-250 RP
    It is important to be aware of buying RP only through official payment methods, endorsed by Riot Games.
    Otherwise, the developer will not be able to support if a problem happens, so do not fall into the temptation of websites that can offer the cheapest currency.

What can I buy with RP?

League of Legends offers a series of cosmetic items that can be purchased with RP.
The most common of buying with virtual currency is skins, which change the appearance and visual effects of the game champions.
In addition, the user can buy an event pass, which in turn offers a reward trail that also features skins, but other items such as summoner icons, emotes and mythical essence.
The LOL store also features chromes, which change the colors of some game skins, Sentinel skins, Clash tickets, rune pages and even TFT items.