Pokemon Go Intrusion of a group rocket on November 7

Pokémon Go It’s been a while now that we are organizing a significant fight with the Go Rocket team.
When Ni antic shared the encrypted images of three mystical characters, it all began.
These figures would ultimately be exposed to be the brand-new leaders of the Go Rocket group, and would work directly under Giovanni.
Given that then, Teacher Willow of the Games has actually released reports that have actually shared new info on Team Go Rocket.


The reports at first began with newspaper entries handling strange parts that particular team go rocket grunts will desert.
While Willow continued Banqueter on the mysterious component, he was able to create a device capable of following the hidden base of Team Go Rocket.

He wound up bring in the assistance of the Pokémon Go The Chefs Deck and the 3 leaders in teams met the brand-new Rocket leaders.
The rocket chiefs then sent out encrypted messages to Willow and GO chiefs, teasing them.
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In the Willow report today, the professor had the ability to decode a hidden message from the head of the group Go Rocket.
A large part of the message is still masked, but it seems that Giovanni prepares to make a total intrusion on November 7.
The Official Pokémon Go A Twitter account will later share a YouTube clip for a video that has not yet been broadcast.
The video will be fixated Team Go Rocket and will describe how players can possibly meet by Rocket leaders.
Video or circulation should be broadcast at 7 am advanced Pacific time on November 7.