How to get a master keoral in Choo

There are several hidden items that you can find throughout the island where Charles is hidden in Woo-hoo Charles.
However, finding the boxes in which these objects are located is not difficult.
This is an opportunity to open them without a master key.
Fortunately, if you start the game, having received a master key immediately, this will facilitate the rest of your trip.
It will also facilitate the search for things such as scraps and other paint jars, since some of them are inside the locked boxes.
Given this, where exactly can you get a master made in Woo-hoo Charles?
The first thing you need to do is go to the place marked on the map below.
Here you will meet a NPC that sits inside the building alone.
He will give you a set of master keys and ask you to use it on the nearest box, because he cannot do this.
When you get to the box, you will have to hack the lock for the first time.
To do this, you will click the right button on the box and watch the pop-up mini-game.

You will need to stop the ball at the desired points, clicking with the right mouse button.
When you open it, you will receive a tablet that is inside.


Return this NPC plate, and it will allow you to leave a set of a master that he gave you earlier.
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