LOL: The best build for Mids strongest champion in patch 12.12 has no mythical item

Zed is one of the most popular champions of League of Legends for many years, although not necessarily in a good way. The former member of the Kinko Order has long been the most banned character in Riot Games MOB, regardless of which ranked level we are talking about.

It was only at the end of season 12 that he finally left this title to a cat who is not loved either: Yuri. However, Zed was not banned because of his power, but because he is frustrating to face himself on the route to many Midlands. He is able to start at a distance without having to expose himself much, his 1V1 damage is far from negligible, and he has excellent mobility that makes it difficult to control the distance against him for traditional wizards.

Nevertheless, its overall victory rate was greatly reduced in season 12, oscillating between 48-50% in platinum and higher links.


A atypical build appears

Its most popular build remains the classic electrocute + eclipse, which is very good in most fights. Once the mythical item and the boots of lucidity are ready, Zed can finish his built focused on angry Hydra and agility.

But the most effective way to play seems to be using the first attack rune and then do not do any mythical item. Instead, the tip would be to make angry hydra, the boots and then the black cleaver. Then come the night threshold and the ghost blade of youmuu-with the order depending on the game. As a last item, players indicate Served or even the guardian angel, who complete the build perfectly.

Zed can inflict a large amount of damage with relative ease, allowing you to accumulate resources from the outset without necessarily having to kill your opponent to take advantage. He loses some burst in the first exchanges, but additional damage is not necessarily essential. It then becomes a dam of damage, thanks to the support of the angry hydra and the advantage of gold.

You should still keep in mind that this build is quite situational and, against some champions, the classic build is still better because it is more difficult to eliminate them more often.

Unlike other somewhat boring builds, just a good knowledge of match-ups allows you to know when you choose it instead of the classic build. You must also keep in mind that Zed will lose some burst at the beginning of the game, so he will not systematically seek eliminating enemies and will be pleased to have recovered two or three times more gold.

Regarding a lane against classic wizards, for example, Zed can use Build to perform constant threats. Only Harbinger and Clean have a positive match against him among Midland’s classic champions; Anita and Swain have decent statistics, losing only a few tenths of one percent.