All voice actors in Evil West – a complete list of actors

The new adventure game from Flying Wild Hog allows players to check their shooter skills against the forces of undead. Whether they scream from pain or scream with joy, you can find out some vocal data in these characters. Although all these characters make their grandiose debut, the actors standing behind them have different professional experience. Here is the breakdown of the actors, as well as where you can know them.

A cast of the Evil West

Derek Hagen-Jesse Radar

The game character is played by Derek Hagen, who previously worked on projects such as Control, Cyberpunk 2077 and The Division 2. He also portrayed Warren, the protagonist in The Surge and The Surge 2.

Damien Lynch-Edgar Grave nor

Damian Lynch is an actor and actor, who appeared in games such as A Plague Tale: Requiem and Total War: Warhammer III. He also appeared on television in a show such as The Split and Coronation Street.

Brian Protero-William Rangier

This English actor of the voicing was a popular pop singer in the 70s and has since become a prolific actor. He has several outstanding roles of Final Fantasy XIV.

Anthony Bernat-Emily Blackwell

Anthony Bernat is known for his film career in series awards, such as Elvis. She appeared in such video games as Control, Star Wars: Battlefront and Harvested.

Emma Ballantyn-Felicity Davao

Emma Ballantine is a singer, author of songs and actress, known for her performance in the series The hour of the devil. She appears in games such as Cyberpunk 2077, Lego Star Wars and Ar knights.

James Fun-Virgil Anna

This actor gained great fame because he will appear in the third season of the Bridgerton series. He is also known for the cartoon Dodo and the series Crack.

Chase Brown-Scott Bloom

Chase Brown is known almost exclusively with his roles in the recent Anime-game Ar knights. He portrays shawl and informer.

Kerry Sheil-James Harrow

The Canadian actor of voice-free and cinema Kerry Seal is known for appearing in several projects Steak of Thomas, as well as in such a show as Sand Man. He appears in Harvested, Hitman 3 and The Medium.

John Chener-Peter Davao

John Cheer is most famous for his favorite role in the children’s cartoon of the 90s about mummies-trolls. He appears in Casino Royale and games such as Horizon Forbidden West.

Gareth window-Chester Morgan

The window played several roles in the 2018 Vamp yr game. He is also known for the series In Search of Joy.


Paul Herzberg-Dominic Calvert

Herbert is the most famous thanks to the television series Honorable Woman. He also appears in Much Warriors 5 and Devils Hunt.

Stewart Milligan-Grover Cleveland

Milligan appears in the anime Evil City, as well as in a television show such as Jack Ryan and British. He played the president in the 1984 Wonder Woman.

H Georges Leda-Rev. Stravinsky

George Leda plays Karin in Dying Light and Duncan Fisher in Mechwarrior 4.

Jay Bohen-Agent Townsend

Cohen is a voice actor and a director who worked on games such as The Ascent and Dying Light 2. He also appears in such a show as Doc Martin.

Additional composition in the western evil

The rest of the voice compositions of this game is not attributed to the named roles, which means that they voiced enemies, unnamed non-game characters or other small roles. However, this does not mean that they are not important, so their names are listed here.

  • Damon assets
  • Tina Anthony
  • Matthew Curtis
  • James Hollow
  • Liza Lee
  • Andy Mack
  • Jane Mariano
  • Brad Oksana
  • Josh Portillo
  • Wolf Williams

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