10 tips that every excellent gamer from COD Warzone 2 must understand

In this article, Mango collects pointers and tricks for Call of Task: War zone 2-we regularly broaden the list, so we always have an appearance.

We therefore show you tips here and explain mechanics that may offer you the decisive advantage to win the next fight.

Call of Task: War zone 2 is an unflinching Fight Royale with many small mechanics that often do not show up so undoubtedly.

Here you will find ideas on the DMZ mode of War zone 2 and here we tie you a video with 3 mistakes that you must prevent as a beginner:

Pointer 1: Open parachute by hand

An excellent match start is balm for the War zone soul and immediately brings momentum to your gameplay. Therefore, you ought to definitely set in the settings that you open your parachute by hand.

Otherwise, War zone opens the parachute too far in the air for you, and you will later on get here on the ground as challengers that we have the same goal. Here you will discover the setting in the menu:

  • Automatic parachute use: from
  • Console: controller-expanded
  • PC: keyboard & mouse-gameplay-extended motion settings-attitude

IDEA 2: Deactivate image filter

Image filters such as blurring settings have lost absolutely nothing in a competitive environment. In Call of Task, however, they are activated by default.

Such impacts are good for the project, but as quickly as it protests opponent players, they are a downside that prevents your view. Set the following settings:

  • World movement blur: off
  • Weapon movement blur: off
  • Image sound: 0.00
  • Depth of field: out
  • Console: graphic-post-processing
  • PC: graphic-quality-post-processing

If you desire more setting recommendations, have an appearance here:

POINTER 3: Fortresses more frequently give a loadout

Fortresses have a fixed location in War zone 2 gameplay-these are structures or areas that are secured by NPCs. As quickly as you enter the fortress, you have to do a little objective and at the end you get your loadout including your own weapons.

By the way, you can see from the signs on the map what is currently going on in the fortresses If the symbol is red, another group is currently cleaning up the location.

POINTER 4: Focus on orange flags-inactive fortresses.

The inactive fortresses are likewise worth an appearance. There are huge loot and valuable boxes here that spit out strong stuff. You can also be unlucky, and the inactive fortress has currently been looted.

Indicates a strong NPC existence if you see an orange flag at a house in War zone 2. These are frequently fortress areas that are not active in this match. Each match just supplies 3 fortresses that provide you a loadout.

However, the fortresses after the very first loot are not totally useless for you if there was another group in it. You can clean up the area again and after a certain number of eliminated NPCs in the area you will still get your Loadout.

TIP 5: interrogate the challenger

Hold down the button and capture info from your enemy. You will get an exceptionally strong education for a couple of seconds.

Because the staying staff member of the gave challenger can be seen on the minimal. You can even see the opponents through walls if you are nearby.

The enemy lying on the ground can be questioned once you have actually shot a challenger. Run towards the challenger, and you get an action proposition on your screen.

POINTER 6: Take products from the Gulag

An appearance at the flooring loot can definitely be beneficial.


Also keep in mind that you take all the stuff in your other match. There are mainly armored plates and grenades on the Gulag floor, however also really strong items like an armor plate vest for a third plate.

In the Gulag you will find lots of items that lie around on the flooring. You can get the important things and use it straight in the Gulag.

TIP 7: Beware of silencers

But they can likewise actively disturb you. When firing is substantially enhanced with a silencer, the gas leak. This could be due to the silencer-testing that in the shooting range if you have any issues to recognize your challengers when firing.

In War zone 1, the silencers were positioned on the majority of weapons, in War zone 2 the parts are not quite as strong. In reality, they only avoid your gun fire from being seen in the compass of the challengers.

By the method, you should not have as much rely on the spirit perk anymore:

POINTER 8: Share your gas masks

You must not stow gas masks-the parts are consumed in your knapsack, even if you do not use them. You use numerous gas masks at the same time. Better put the mask off and share it with your employee.

It is likewise highly likely not a mistake. This probably desires to avoid fully equipped gamers from hiding in the gas too long and sitting out the success.

The knapsack mechanism is ideal for bunkering strong products. With a big backpack you can even take a 3rd weapon with you.

SUGGESTION 9: Invite enemies

If among your colleagues flies out or if you have fun with randoms and one leaves the match, you can still get your team complete once again.

Carefully ask about the chat in English whether there may be interested in entering your squad if you see a challenger. Typically, you will not receive an answer, but with a bit of luck you will fill your squad back to the full strength.

Use the approximation chat and the emote wheel.

The approximation chat likewise allows other methods:

TIP 10: ammo bearing is now better

You used to get 2 measly publication and the camp was closed to the remainder of the match.

If you have any issues to acknowledge your challengers when shooting, this might be due to the silencer-testing that in the shooting range.

If you see an orange flag at a home in War zone 2, shows a strong NPC existence. The non-active fortresses are also worth an appearance. You can likewise be unlucky, and the inactive fortress has actually currently been looted.

These were our ideas for War zone 2. We focus on new small gameplay tricks every day and frequently expand the post. Take a look for the newest little techniques of the Battle Royale.

Obviously, the choice of weapons and an overview of the meta is also essential. We have the best short article for you here: Cod War zone 2: The very best weapon with setup shortly after release

All Over in Al March you will find big ammo warehouse that base on pallets. War zone veterans ought to already understand things-interact briefly and there is a load of ammo for the inventory.

These were our ideas for War zone 2.

In War zone 2, nevertheless, the camps are much better. On the one hand, make your ammo reserves completely totally and on the other hand you now have a cooldown of one minute after utilizing.