Eternal Return released the new character Tadia

Aka Games (CEO CHO Tae-hyun) unveiled the 60th new character ‘Tania’ at the PC online survival battle arena ‘Eternal Return’ developed by Him Neuron (CEO Kim Senghor) on the 24th.

‘Tania’ is a perfectionist tendency and is characterized by the combat using ‘glass fragment’ and glass sword, which are passive skills that fit the concept of glass craft artists.


‘Tania’ can throw a ‘glass sword’ to attack the opponent and acquire a certain amount of ‘glass fragments’ to create a new glass sword. If you obtain a glass debris with a skill, you can get a shield and can damage wide area damage in a certain range. In addition, you can use skills in various forms, such as creating a ‘glass wall’ to stun the collision object, blocking the opponent’s escape path or preventing access.

In addition, in this update, the new weapon of ‘cache’, ‘Sanctum’, was added. Unlike the existing weapons, the dagger, it is expected to be able to fulfill more various types of battles.

The detailed information page of the test was also improved. The detailed stats of each experiment and the level of weapon skills have been reorganized to find out the information that is difficult to check at a glance.

In addition, ‘Jenny’ and ‘Daniel”s’ mascaraed’ skin has been added. The new skin is a rare grade skin of the mascaraed ball. In particular, ‘Mask Raid Jenny’ will be provided to users at separate events in the future.

The Eternal Return e-sports season 7 Finals offline competition will be held at Daemon Dream Arena from 26th to 27th. This event is ▲ ‘Lucia Play Zone’, which is based on the concept of experiments, ▲ Eternal Return ‘IP’ Lucia Night Market ‘▲ Eternal Return Season 7 Finals’ Eternal Return Season 7 Finals’ The event is ready.

‘Eternal Return’ is a game where up to 18 players use various strategic battles to select the last one or one team. Anyone can enjoy it for free through ‘Drum Game’.