Com2uS, Summers War: Chronicle 100 -day commemorative event

Com2uS (CEO Jae-won Song, Johan Lee) will hold a commemorative event to present 100 mysterious summoning cards for 100 days of launch of its summoned MMORPG Summers War: Chronicle.

Chronicle is the first MMORPG made based on global hit Summers War IP (Intellectual Property Rights). It is gaining popularity. On the 10th, it was launched in North America, the world’s largest game market, and has reacted positive reactions in the early days of RPGs in the US and Canada’s Google Play Store.

Comes commemorates the 100-day launch of Chronicle, which is popular in Korea and North America, and a 100-year-old summoning event that allows users to enjoy the game with gratitude to the user who enjoys the game. Develop.

Since the 20th, the company has provided users every day with a pre-countdown coupon containing some of mysterious summoning quantities, and on November 23, the 100th day of its launch, we also unveiled an exceptional special coupon with 50 summonses. Each coupon can be used within about a month from the date of release, and users can obtain a total of three or more sums of 3 stars in a coupon event.

In addition, Com2uS will hold a 100-day commemorative forum event to present items when they participate in the Chronicle Operators Costume Voting by the 30th, which will provide three new summoning books when participating.

Comes, meanwhile, introduces a new shape conversion system to Chronicle through the update. The shape conversion is a system that can beautifully change the appearance of the servitor, and can apply the brilliant appearance and the changed name according to the concept, allowing the summers to express more personally.

In addition, a Thanksgiving event will be held to obtain a 5-star wind attribute and a 4-star Dark Properties Griffon.

For more information on various events and updates to commemorate the 100-day Chronicle launch, please visit the Game Forum.