Valorant Female World Cup eaks up with peak 239,000 simultaneous spectators

VCT Game Changers Championship, a female and inclusive world of Valorant, reached a historic mark last weekend, becoming the competition focused on inclusion and diversity in eSports with the highest audience in history. According to Esports Charts, the event reached a peak of 239,300 simultaneous spectators during the grand final between G2 Dozen, tournament champion, and Shopify Rebellion, responsible for eliminating azilian Team Liquid in the lower key final.

Comparison Effect, the Game Changers audience peak more than doubled the former CS: GO ESL Impact League 1 record, which in June this year had a peak of 105,000 simultaneous spectators during the final between Curia and Sigma Galaxy.

Secondly, the duel between Team Liquid and Shopify Rebellion appears by the Lower acket final, with a icon of 166,600 simultaneous spectators. Completing the podium was the duel between Cloud9 White and Shopify Rebellion by the lower key semifinal, with a peak of 159,900 spectators.

In the fourth and fifth positions, two more games involve Team Liquid appear. In the duel of Navy team, Died, Nat1, BSTRDD and DRN against the G2 Dozen in the upper key final, the peak of audience was 157,200 simultaneous spectators and took fourth place in the ranking. Liquid’s confrontation against Fennel, Japan, on the 2nd day of the Women’s World Cup, reached 153,200 simultaneous viewers.

In addition to a top 5 where all games exceeded 150,000 people, the Changers Championship Game also had a good average audience throughout the competition. According to Esports Charts, the event had an average of 114.9 thousand spectators per minute of transmission throughout the tournament.


Opening Photo: Michael Mongol / Riot Games Disclosure