Scone, G -Star 2022

Son (CEO) announced on the 17th that it will showcase its virtual character solution ‘MEC HU’ at the ‘G-Star 2022’ B2B Hall, which will be held in BEX CO, Susan for three days from 17th to 19th.

G-STAR is an international game exhibition hosted by the Korea Game Industry Association, a game exhibition, a new game experience, and an international game conference. In particular, G-Star consists of 2521 booths, which is about twice as long as 2021.

Scone will provide business consultation for visitors. In addition, the company will also prepare the Virtual YouTuber experience to inform the technology and utilization of Son’s Virtual Character Solution ‘Mich’. The booth was set up on the first floor of the 2nd exhibition hall.


Son’s own Mich is a solution that allows you to move your own 3D character freely with smartphones and computers. In particular, it provides high-quality characters that digest their own character design to modeling, not to buy and set open sources from online stores. This allows customers to own a free virtual character in copyright issues.

We are strengthening the capacity and technology of virtual content production by attracting seed investments, said Son Standard.