Iem Rio Major: After a victory over Navi, Kscerato and Saffee talk about maintaining focus on game

After Curia’s turn to Navy in the quarterfinals of IEM Rio Major 2022, players Kike Esperanto Erato and Rafael Safe Costa celeated the result and the fact that the azilian team has already achieved the best campaign in history of history Organization in Majors, but maintained a more ground feet stance and emphasized that the focus of the panthers remains the same as before the victory over NATU Sincere: winning in Rio de Janeiro the title of the CS: GO World Cup.


In an interview with MGG azil, Safe considered the victory over Navy the biggest career, but without losing sight of the Curia’s goal is to continue to be crowned with the Major title, in a campaign that is already historic for the organization Which since the second half of 2019 has consolidated itself as azil’s largest representative in the international scenario, but still lacks a major international title in the curriculum.

For sure (it’s the biggest victory in my career), it will be for the story. For me, it’s a crazy thing, because it’s the first LAN I’m playing in azil. Arriving a semifinal of Major is something surreal, and I have That makes the most of it, dedicate myself to the fullest, said Aw per.

Despite the euphoria with the victory after the game, Safe stressed that the biggest goal of Curia in Major was not achieved. This Saturday (12), at 5:30 pm, Curia faces Denmark’s Heroic for a place in the grand final, and the Pro Player stresses the importance of the team to stay focused on the final games of the major. Still, Safe spoke a lot about the importance of the fans during the match against Navy and throughout the major.

Our goal has not yet been done, and we need to focus on the next games, but this emotion and this Arena atmosphere will be to history. We are very participating in it, but we have to continue with our feet on the ground and focus in the next games.

In the duel against Navy on the Navy map, Curia even opened 14 to 13 against the Simple team, with better weaponry and 5×3 at the beginning of the 28th round. However, NATU Sincere managed to win the round and tore off for a 16-14 victory after. Safe said that she had to regret the defeat, the fury was not shaken by the result and remained concentrated for the disputes in Ancient and Nuke.

They even opened 13 to 8, and we managed to turn to 14 to 13. There were some situations where we played badly, but it happens, there is a big team on the other side, so it was to reset and take the good things from Nuke (to the other maps). We were communicating well, pulling the rounds, so it was just getting our head cold. Our Ancient was strong in training, so it was just reset, he said.

I face this victory as just one more

While Safe ranked the victory over Navy as the biggest career, Esperanto preferred to classify the triumph as just another victory towards the maximum goal of the fury: to win the major’s title. Despite the happiness of being in the semifinals of a Major for the first time in his career, Esperanto stressed that the team remains completely focused on following Game to Game until raising the trophy in Tennessee Arena.

I don’t face this victory as an achievement for me, I stare like one more. It’s just another game, (I’m) always focused on tomorrow. Today we enjoy, enjoy and celeate, but tomorrow has more work. My career It was not formed in this victory, she has been being formed for a long time, and tomorrow we have one more story to tell. I’m not even thinking about the final, I’m thinking of tomorrow, because it will be another war, this time against Heroic, projected.

Esperanto also talked about Curia’s mental recovery after the defeat to Navy at Navy. Like Safe, he praised the strength of the azilian team and said that the azilian team did not go up with the setback also because they were reliable.

We know we are a very strong team, no matter what the side of the map is. It doesn’t matter if it’s the weaker side of Nuke or Ancient, we know how good we are, and we were very confident. We’re training a lot, we talk a lot And we know everything the guys do, and even when we lost in Nuke was situational. The game at Nuke was much defined by individual play, and at Ancient we played collectively, with everyone very well, everyone communicates very well, he said.

We don’t even think about the first map when you lose, you are always thinking about the second map, and you don’t care what happened (before). What we can change is on the map of now, do the right tactic and what we combine at that moment, and not what happened in Nuke or any other map.

About the duel against Heroic, Esperanto said he was confident for the match and pointed out that Curia knows the style of game of the Danes well.
Confident in the preparation of the team, the 15th best player in the world in 2021 said that the semifinal rivals have a style of play very similar to Team Spirit, a team that Curia won in Legends Stage in Rio’s Major.
We are totally confident. We know what their style of play is, and basically is very similar to Spirit, so we have an idea of what can or can not happen. We have to study the guys a lot, just as we study all teams.
People have an analyst, coach, a lot of people who work for car , so we just have to sit and play, he joked.