Mi talks about possible entry into the League of Legends competitive

MIR may be preparing to enter the League of legends competitive scenario. Present in this universe through Sulla, who started to wear the organization’s shirt this year, Riot Games Mob is a path that the company thinks about exploring. The information came from Carla Seraglio, director of marketing and operations , who talked to MGG azil during azil Game Show 2022 in São Paulo, early October.

Also known as Made in azil , the azilian eSports organization is one of the most traditional and is present in different scenarios. Born in Counter-Strike , the company currently has line-ups-female and men-from CS: GO, Valiant, Rainbow Six Siege and Free Fire, as well as having a team of influencers and creators of weight content, which Includes comedian Diego Def ante .

Mir No League of Legends?

During the ief interview with Carla at the MIR booth at azil Game Show, MGG azil asked about the future of the organization in other scenarios-especially in League of Legends. This is because with Sulla’s entry into the team, MIR CEO Roberta Coelho stated the intention to explore universes in which MIR is not yet established. At the fair, the marketing director stated:

Look, we have a little foot at LOL because of the Sulla that entered 2022. We [MIR] talk about it and we have plans to enter other scenarios in 2023, and LOL is, yes, a possibility, no, no I’ll lie. It’s so much-and especially-a possibility for the female scenery as for the male.

The highlight for the female scenario of League of Legends caught our attention: MIR is an organization with female lines that are highlights at CS: GO and Valorant, and to the detriment of the debut of the first edition of IGN IS CUP-Official Lol Championship Organized By Riot Games-we specifically asked if they started looking at the tournament. Carla’s answer was a mysterious: Yeah… look… yes.

During the interview the MIR spokesman also stressed the willingness of the organization to explore new aspects and maintain contact with different communities:

Sulla talks about Mir at GNIS Cup

The interview yielded hope, but not sure that MIR can enter the competitive scenario, especially in the female, which does not have a franchise system like CBOL. To light up yet another spark of excitement in those who follow the organization, Sulla was guest for the quarterfinals of the IGN IS Cup on Wednesday, November 2, and talked about the possibility of entering as a player in the competitive.

When talking to Angola, Caster and creator of Revel ah Casters, Sulla said goodbye saying Guys, I’ll train. Follow my saga back to the master until the end of Season, ok? If God will be there again. And then, let’s see right? If any team wants to hire me…, then he looked at the shirt of his own organization he was wearing at the moment and, jokingly, suggested, Mir? Mir in GNIS?.


Mir in azil Game Show 2022

During the interview at BGS we also asked what it meant for MIR to be present with a booth there, and Carla replied talking about the new age that the organization is passing during the year 2022: