Lol – Patch 12.21: Ksante arrives as a new champion and there are very anticipated nerfs for three characters

The Patch 12.21 arrives in League of Legends to put the end of season 12. Continuous version prepared by Riot Games for the last two weeks of campaign. However, that the lack of equilibrium adjustments does not deceive us. The changes made by the developers were more than necessary, and they still have to add the premiere of K’Santa . Uncreated, Riot Games will carry out the launch of the new champion in this last period prior to the 2023 preseason.

Patch 12.21: K’Santa, Blitz crank and Miss Fortune mark the pace

K’Santa will be available in the game from next day November 3 , landing on official servers around the 21: 00 Spanish peninsular time. A premiere that is best to be aware if we do not want to get a surprise in the qualifying games. As a reminder, the champion is designed to play in the upper lane and is a tank capable of changing to an offensive way with which he will pass to his enemies for the blade. Their statistics look very good, so if you are interested, do not hesitate to buy it with blue essences as soon as possible.

Entering the balance of the game, the most interesting are the Nerfs to three characters. ! Especially interesting the case of the great steam goal, which was directly the best character in all League of Legends. As for the heroes who receive improvements, the truth is that there are four. Highlights the adjustments to Malabar to help ‘farmers’ and a small increase in power for the Q (Orb of deception) of HRI.

Regarding systems there is a small update to the option to rebuild games (/remake). The rest of the patch are cosmetic content such as the empyrean skins that arrive for several characters or the addition of new missions to the Worlds 2022 pass. In general, a light version that prepares us for what will be the great revolution of The preseason 2023.

Summary of changes (patch 12.21)

Later you can find all the detailed changes, but before we go with a summary for the most lazy.

New Champion

  • K’Santa

Champions changes

  • Improvements: HRI, Cork, Malabar and In Zhao
  • Nerfs: Be’veto, Blitz crank, Miss Fortune

Changes to systems

  • /remake

New skins


  • EMPIRES: K’Santa, Tax, Join, Lux, Pike, Vex, Zac, Zed
  • Prestigious Empire: K’Santa