Paris Hilton celebra Halloween con este cosplay de Sailor Moon

Today we are celebrating Halloween, on which the horror, movies and video game programs are the order of the day, this also includes the famous parties where people are disguised. This goes from famous monsters of the witch night, to those who adopt the form of famous characters of popular culture, including anime.

As part of the celebration, the popular Paris Hilton has announced that she is a fan of sailor moon, so she adopted the role of Serena , sharing through some photos how she looks in the suit. To this is added that in its publication you added some images of the anime to make a comparison and see the subtle differences.

Here are some photos:

Currently, there are some available chapters of sailor moon on the Netflix platform, this also includes some films that could be of interest to the new ones in the franchise. However, it is expected that in the future more content will be added, so that this streaming platform has all the content of the saga in one place.

Via: Comic book

Editor’s note: It is strange to know that such popular figures have among their tastes’ anime series, it is still interesting that this type of cosplay reach people who may not know the brand.