LOL – Worlds 2022: The ambition of Deft and the Ragnarok against Faker Odin

I am convinced that the best photos are those that, in addition to being shocking, tell a huge story. Therefore, the snapshot of Faker crying in 2017 after losing the World Final against Samsung Galaxy, is so powerful. Because what leads us to it is so much the pressure of a player who had already practically assured to be the best at history 5 years ago, as the ecstasy of Ambition on the other side.

The story has told themselves millions of times, but we go with one last. Ambition was Faker’s rival in the debut of the Demon King in the South Korean League. Despite being a very respectful player, he suffered the anger of his Middle. After a while, Jungle was recon visited, achieving in 2017 his cold revenge, the title of world champion against the titan in which that debutante became.

If something has taught us Dark Souls, as well as Nordic mythology, is that history is cyclical. Therefore, that Deft has reached the end of next week in San Francisco is both incredible as the struggle between Thor and the Jormungat snake, but it has the beauty of those epic things that can only be the result of a feverish human mind.

The story is repeated

The relationship between Faker and Deft is even more personal: Both went to the Map Institute. Although the truth is that they did not have close contact, the shooter says that Golconda (Faker’s original nickname was known throughout the institution as if it were a legend. It is not for less, because at that time the Solo of League of Legends with iron hand dominated.

At a professional level, Deft has suffered living in the shadow of Faker . To get the idea of his longevity, the shooter is the last active player of Samsung’s sibling teams, which razed in 2014. As Ambition, he has had to look for beans and win much less than his talent would indicate in conditions Normal, but being the contemporary of Faker are not normal conditions. It’s like trying to win a Golden Ball while CR7 and Messi were distributed, or wanting to win the east while LeBron James inhabited it.


As Ambition, Deft reaches a Worlds Final with the shadow of the withdrawal hiding over him, a faker in a rival and the opportunity to justify his entire career raising the invoked’s cup. Luckily for Faker, this is rather like Dark Souls and not like Nordic fables. Deft has the primal embezzle in his hands, but he must lead Dr to start a new Colo .

A legacy is at stake

During the press conference held at the State Arena after the conclusion of the second semifinal, I was able to ask Deft about parallels with the history of the 2017 finals, especially because of the Ambition vs. Faker duel. The Dr shooter told me the following: I remember that Ambition led his team in that final, and I would like to replicate his performance.

He cried in New York, did it in Atlanta and, regardless of the result, surely re-releases a good handful of tears in San Francisco. It is not for less, since Dr reached these Worlds as the room Seed of the LCK, needing to play the play-in to live up to even his countrymen in the tournament.

But what is played next weekend is much more than a glass or even an entrance in Looped. What is at stake at the Chase Center is a legacy . Whether Faker’s room, an achievement as obscene as admirable, or the first of Best, a victory that has much more meaning than the cup that accredits it.