How to unlock Alrana and Alrun in Bayonetta 3

Unlocking the weapons of hell and the slave of the demon; Arena and Arjuna become an important game requirement when players go to their adventures in Chapter 3 of Bayonet ta 3. The presence of both of these skills will help you acquire some of the most deadly skills, such as a stripper warm-up and the zeal of Madame, who will have enemies tremble from afar.

In this leadership, we will tell you about the exact procedure for obtaining Alana and Arena and how to do this without much effort. So, without unnecessary words, let’s get down.

How to unlock Alana and Arun in Bayonet ta 3

ARENA is a whip to which the players had access to Bayonet ta 2, and it also quietly returned to Bayonet ta 3. It can be used both in the hands and legs, and it has a large range without loss of damage.

As for Arjuna, she is a demon from Inferno and sucks the power of Jeanne. She was a secondary antagonist in Bayonet ta 3 and is widely known to the community as the coolest rival in the game.

You should be interested in what is the connection between weapons and the demon, except that the names are very similar; Well, that’s the matter. Bayonet ta and Alan began their rivalry when the first undesirable to penetrate the territory of the second. Alan really gave her a choice to leave, but Bayonet ta had other plans.

Constantly back and forth, Bayonet knocked down Arjuna, and she almost wanted to kill her, but by mercy and persistent insistence of Rodin, she was sealed in a weapon named Arun.

Now that you know the connection between them, let’s see how you unblock Alana and Arun.

Chapter 3. Umbrand tears of blood.

Players can unlock Arun as a weapon and Alana as a demon-slave, when all three Umbra man blood tears in Chapter 3 of Bayonet ta 3 collect.

Umbrand tears of blood can be obtained from three species of animals; Toad, frog and cat. Below are places for all three of them;


Players can find a raven in the wreckage area, from where you start your level. He will stand on the edge of the building, and players will be able to get to him using G-Pillar.

When you approach the Throne, she will fly away towards the highway, so let her do it and use the shape of the demon to move and grab her from there.


After passing the verse 3, go to the long path to the main gate. When you cross the lane, carefully inspect it, and you will find that it runs around a long building on the left. Take it again using the G-Pillar form.



As for the toad, you will find it near the train at the end of several platforms. You will meet several enemies when you cross the platforms to get to the train, so kill them along the way, and the toad will be on a ledge.