All Verdant Blossom locations in Valkyrie Elysium

If you want to unlock the real ending of Valkyrie Elysium, you will need to find all Verdant Blossom, hidden throughout the game. Green flowers are outwardly similar to hollow flowers, but, unlike hollow colors, messages of green colors remain unreadable until they are all collected. This is where you can find each of the nine flowers.

where to find green flowers in Valkyrie Elysium

in the third chapter

The first flowers begin to appear in the third chapter, and you can find them on the map by performing the search for tiny green dots. Since Verdant Blossoms is an important element of the gameplay, finding the very first of them is quite easy. Just go to the middle of the bridge, which is located at the first point of preservation in the third chapter. Raising this flower will cause a cat-scenes.

Having passed about half of the third chapter, kill all the enemies around the temple before you run up the stairs and enter the room at the second level, which you can get through the wooden boards. There is another flower in this room.

chapter Four

After you get to the second conservation point, turn right and go down the stairs to find Verdant Blossom on the balcony above the water. The second flower in this chapter is a little more difficult to detect, because it appears on the map only when the player is at the same floor level as the flower. To find it, inspect the castle at the end of the chapter. To enter the room with a green flower, go around the blocked entrance using the staircase.

chapter Five

The rest of the game offers only one flower per chapter. The one for the fifth chapter can be found at the end of the chapter as soon as you defeat the boss and hire Christ offer.

Having done this, go to the end of the card and turn left. This will push you into a small side area with paths on the left and right. For the sake of flowering, choose the right path and let Christ offer get rid of the dark barrier. The green flower is behind the barrier.

chapter sixth


The sixth chapter of Verdant Blossom is located inside the first bell tower, which is locked. Opposite the tower there is a broken bridge-jump over the bridge and defeat the enemies on the other side. As soon as they are dead, find a ledge in the upper right corner, in which there is a chest with treasures. In the chest there is the key to the bell tower.

As soon as you enter the tower, get down the stairs. You will find Verdant Blossom in the room at the foot of the stairs.

chapter Seventh

You will understand that you are on the right path to the green flower when you enter the castle. You can see the Verdant Blossom icon on the castle map. Like a flower in the fourth chapter to get to the flower, you will need to climb and go down the stairs to get around the blocked door.

At this level, enter the blocked room with a floor above and jump into the room. On the side of the wall there will be a switch. This will lead to the fact that the gate will open, and you can assemble Verdant Blossom.

chapter eight

This is one of the most complex colors, because you need to solve a puzzle to get to it. In the current form, the only thing that separates you from the flower is a reservoir that will poison you if you touch it. Carefully move along the water edge, and you will find a number of crystals leading through the lake. Use crystals to get to the collection of Verdant Blossom and vice versa.

Chapter Ninth

You can collect this flower only if you have already purchased all other flowers. The map in the ninth chapter is quite linear, which makes the search for a flower pleasant and light. Just look into a small niche and collect your treasure.

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