Galao Far, a former voice actor who dropped off in Bayonetta 3, reported that it was higher than the amount he claimed by the voice actor. A claim that keeps eating differently

Actor Helena Taylor issued a statement on October 15 through his Twitter account. He has served as an English voice actor of Bayonet ta in the Bayonet ta series, but has dropped off in the new work Bayonet ta 3 . In his statement, he revealed why he had dropped out, one of the reasons he had. On the other hand, there seems to be a testimony that the remuneration revealed to show a mistake. Overseas media Bloomberg and VGC are reporting.

It was thought that Helena Taylor, who has been playing Bayonet ta for a long time, will be re-pitched in Bayonet ta’s English voice in Bayonet ta 3, but it is officially announced that it will drop in October this year. She will be in charge of Jennifer Hale instead. Regarding the replacement of the leading voice actors, Yusuf IATA, the director of the developer Platinum Games, explained that it became difficult to use Taylor again due to various circumstances (Nintendo Everything). ) The specific reason for the change was not revealed by the developer.

Meanwhile, Taylor, on October 15, revealed the reason for his statement on his statement, and called on a new boycott (related article). According to him, the remuneration presented by Platinum Games was $4,000 (about 600,000 yen). He stated that the amount of money dedicated to the Bayonet ta series and his fans was insulting.

However, according to Overseas Media Bloomberg and VGC reports, Platinum Games initially plans to follow Taylor into Bayonet ta 3. According to both magazines as information from officials, he contained at least 4 to 5 studio recording of about $3,000 to $4,000, respectively. It was estimated that the total reward was about $15,000 (about 2.2 million yen).

Actor Lily Emil Hammers mentioned the rewards paid to the voice actors in the United States when Taylor’s statement was posted. If the job is completed with four sessions a day, it will be based on the US film actor union’s regulations. If the information given by both magazines was correct this time, Taylor would have prepared more rewards than the market. AXIS journalist Stephen Total also said that the offer to Taylor was about $15,000 and was the second-highest offer for platinum games.

According to Bloomberg, Taylor also demanded the offer of Bayonet ta 3 to respond to the 6-digit reward and revenue after the game release. VGC also seems to have confirmed that the reward after the game was released. According to Bloomberg, Platinum Games has decided to audition to welcome new voice actors as a result of prolonged negotiations. Taylor, who had dropped out, asked for a cameo appearance (a small story) at a one-session, but was refused. If the reports of both magazines are true, it seems that Taylor’s reasons for dropping out are not cheap, but due to the broken negotiations of the gala-raising.

On the other hand, Taylor argued in these reports and inquiries. He states that the information source of reporting that there was a total of about $15,000 remuneration was a complete lie, platinum games are running in protection. It sounds like the Platinum Games is intentionally playing information. And he still claims that what he spoke in his statement was true. In response to this news, he doesn’t seem to withdraw what he spoke in the video.

When Taylor posted a statement on October 15, Platinum Games Hide Kamila was tweeting in English on his Twitter account. The content is touching false opinions, sadly deplorable and that is the only thing I can say now. It is not clear whether it is a tweet to Taylor’s statement, but if it is, one of Taylor’s claims may be different from Kamila’s recognition. In the first place, there are many cases where third parties, such as agencies and offices, are chewing for offers to performers. Some factors may have a gap between the offered offer by Platinum Games and the amount of offered by Taylor.


It can be said that it was even more difficult for third parties to judge how true the statement of Taylor’s statement and the journal was reported. In the first place, Nintendo and Platinum Games have not made an official claim, so they can not be judged. In any case, the new voice actor has already been decided, and the release date has solidified, so no matter what claim that Taylor makes, Bayonet ta 3 will continue to be released. That’s it.