Gravity Neo Cyan NFT NFT

Gravity Neo Cyan signed a strategic agreement on the 14th for Heroes NFT War publishing with Mobile Social Casino Game Company Motion.

Under the agreement, Gravity Neo Cyan will board the collectible rpg heroes nft War as the second game on Midas Main net. The two companies will publish and launch marketing and operational support.

Gravity Neo cyan has developed Ragnarök The Lost Memories, Ragnarök V: Resurrection, which has recorded more than 5 million users worldwide since its launch in 2012, and Ragnarök The Lost Memory, Ragnarök V: Resurrection, launched in Southeast Asia, North America, and South Korea last year, starting with Thailand last year.

Heroes NFT War is a game that collects more than 240 heroes, considers types and stats, and builds a camp to target various difficulty stages.

Gravity Neo Cyan Park Hyun-cheol said, I think it is very meaningful to work with Motion, which has achieved excellent results in the global P2E game market. It is a game that plays the game on the back and enjoys the fun of watching at the same time. We will prepare for the best ways to play better games through the close cooperation between the two companies.

CEO Chang-wook Son, CEO of Motion, said, Motion will focus on the capabilities of both companies to create positive synergy through close cooperation with Gravity Neo Cyan. I will continue to board to expand the Fibers ecosystem.