Harrison Ford for the Marvel Universe and already h a character for Captain America 4 and Thunderbolts

Indiana Jones 5 will not be the goodbye of Harrison Ford. At 80, it seems that the actor still wants adventures and h just signed for Marvel Studios to play General Ross in two of the company’s next films: Captain America 4: New World Order and Thunderbolts . Ford will take the relief of William Hurt, who had been making the character since 2008, but died this same 2022 due to prostate cancer .

General Ross, also known Thunderbolt Ross, is one of the best known characters of Hulk stories. A high-ranking military who not only had responsibility in the Gamma incident that transformed Bruce Banner into the dough (whom he h been pursued since then), but is also Betty Ross’s father , Banner’s great love. In the comics, and for relatively recently (2008), Ross transformed himself into red Hulk to have more options to fight and hunt Banner, with which he is obsessed.

Harrison Ford red Hulk?

We will see if Ford signing is to perpetuate General Ross that we have been seeing in the UCM, secondary and conservative, or if Marvel dares to take him further and makes him red Hulk. It will also be curious to check for how many jogs is the actor when both films are releed, Captain America: New World Order is scheduled for May 3, 2024 and Thunderbolts for July 26 Of that same year, by the time Ford accumulate already 82 springs **.

Special attention will require Thunderbolts, in which his own name indicates, Thunderbolt Ross plays an important role. In many of the related works he led these avengers of second composed of Bucky, Tkmter, Red Guardian, Ghost, John Walker and Elena Below a red Hulk. Ford, of course, there is no one to stop him.