Pokemon GO: The light festival in October 2022

Prior to it begins with the vital details: keep in mind that on October 15, 2022, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (regional time) of the Neighborhood Day with Michael ! During this moment it looks with the event Pokémon from the MAU light festival. This could influence the completion of the steps for temporary research on the light festival!

Well Pokémon trainer, have you currently recouped from the last event and await something new? Then look out! ** From Friday, October 14th at 10:00 a.m. (local time) to Monday, October 17, 2022, at 8:00 p.m. (local time), the light festival 2022 takes place in Pokémon Go. Fulfill your beaming Pokémon and also a small mushroom Pokémon will celebrate his debut! You can learn what the event needs to use and which Pokémon you can satisfy in Raids and the wild when you continue!

short-lived study light festival 2022

Update of October 14, 2022: With the beginning of the Pokémon GO light festival 2022 in earlier time areas than our own, we currently understand which steps you have to take for momentary research light festival 2022 in order to acquire all rewards. Easily, the Michael Community Day on Saturday (October 15th, 2022)

Lichtfestival 2022-limited study action 1/2

  • Range 25 Pokémon- incentive: 25 x Football
  • Brood 2 eggs from- incentive: Experience with Fungus
  • Land 15 great tosses- incentive: 20 x super ball
  • Land 10 wonderful throws- reward: 10 x hyperball
  • Land 5 Curveballed- reward: 10 x sananaboles
  • Use 10 berries when catching Pokémon- benefit: Experience with Defense

incentive for the completion of action 1: Encounter with Galar-Ponita, 2,500 EP

Lichtfestival 2022-limited research action 2/2

  • Range 25 Pokémon- reward: 25 x Football
  • Run 5 kilometers- benefit: 3 x gold heavenly berry

* Develop 3 Pokémon- benefit: Encounter with Lamp
* Land 10 wonderful throws- reward: 20 x super ball
* Transform 25 times on the picture plate of Bakeshops or Arenen- incentive: 3 x silver banana beads
* Make snapshots of 10 different Pokémon in the wilderness- benefit: Experience with Michael

incentive for the conclusion of step 2: sparkler posture, 2,500 EP

Pokémon launching to the light festival

Have you always wanted a stunning lamp? After that you ought to definitely go outside, since the chance of an amazing lamp is raised! Yet fits well and a stunning lamp does not differ so a lot from a typical light. His blue body is a bit brighter and the lamps have a blue shimmer.

  • The occasion additionally offers dual catch EP. So it is absolutely activated by a fortunate egg to make full usage of this bonus!
  • If you utilize the item smoke during the occasion, it lasts for two hrs. Focus on the moment at the beginning of the occasion! If you activate your smoke as well early, as usual, it only lasts for 60 minutes.
  • Dual catch can likewise belong to the occasion perks.

event incentive

The Luminescence Pokémon Fungus celebrates its debut in Pokémon GO as well as certainly brings its development Camellia! Fungus is a tiny mushroom Pokémon and looks very cute, yet the Pokédex entries reveal what a harmful as well as attractive power has Fungus! During the night, Fungus sprays flashing spores that send every living being sleeping! The Pokémon likewise sucks nutrients from trees. Surprisingly sufficient, the mushrooms on his head are delighted to be munched by other Pokémon. However, they grow back overnight. By the way, you do not need to invest so much time to capture a great deal of busts for development, since the Pokémon continues to become Camellia via just 50 fungus candies!

Pokémon in the wilderness

The adhering to Pokémon show up much more commonly in the wild. We marked the Pokémon, which can appear before your Football, with (+). Remember that Shiny Michael just exists with the Michael Community Day .

  • Pikachu (+), Pulpit (+), Magnetic (+), Lamp (+), Michael, Neufeld (+), Iguana, Defense as well as Fungus as well as Galar-Ponita (+) as well as Togedemaru

wild Pokémon with smoke

The following Pokémon show up in RAID battles of level 1:.
| mega-voltenso (+).
| Kernels

Our tip: Galar-Flampion is still a rare visitor in the wild, so definitely look for the EIS Pokémon! When you have actually triggered smoke, and also keep in mind that Gala flame just shows up!

The complying with Pokémon show up much more usually as lengthy as smoke is energetic if you turn on smoke during the event period. We noted the Pokémon, which can show up in front of your Football, with (+).

  • Galar-Ponita (+), Champion (+), Defense and also Fungus.

RAID battles.

The adhering to Pokémon appears in the mega-raid.
| Alola-Raichu (+), Galar-Smogmog (+), Funkier (+) and also Hisui-Washakwil ** (+).

The following Pokémon shows up in level 5 raid battles:.

The following Pokémon appear in degree 3 RAID battles:.

  • Alola-Kleinstein (+), Element (+), Champion (+), Michael, Defense and also Fungus along with a little even more luck Galar-Ponita (+) and also Gala flame (+).

(+) With a little good luck, you even come across a dazzling duplicate!

  • Galar-Ponita (+), Elected (+), Magma (+), Lamp (+), Element (+), Defense and also Fungus.

Our tip: Plainly: Hisui-Washakwil . Until now, the special type of Wassail has just been caught momentarily. It is affordable to presume that Hisui-Washakwil goes away once again for a long period of time. In enhancement to HISUI-WASHAKWIL, you ought to also keep an eye on funkier! Why? Due to his huge advancement, certainly! Having a great or best funkier would be a dream!

Pokémon concerning field study.

You can get the adhering to Pokémon after completing event area study:.

(+) With a bit of luck, you also run into a stunning copy!

Are you already looking forward to the light festival? In any type of situation, we look ahead to the Fungus launching as well as catch a few Michael before the Area Day starts on October 15, 2022.

Prior to it begins with the vital info: remember that on October 15, 2022, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (local time) of the Neighborhood Day with Michael ! Update of October 14, 2022: With the start of the Pokémon GO light festival 2022 in earlier time zones than our very own, we currently recognize which tips you have to take for short-lived research study light festival 2022 in order to acquire all rewards. Comfortably, the Michael Community Day on Saturday (October 15th, 2022)

  • Matching sticker labels are offered in the shop, but can likewise be obtained when transforming Bakeshops or from gifts from friends.

sticker label.

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Our tip: Clearly: Hisui-Washakwil . In any kind of instance, we look forward to the Fungus debut and also catch a couple of Michael before the Community Day starts on October 15, 2022.