The Crown of Wu: Trailer of a new trip to the west loaded with action by the hand of Meridiem Games

The Crown of Wu , the new third-person action adventure in charge of Red Mountain next to Meridian Games and NEST HAMMER , will arrive in digital format A PC and Consoles Soon, with the possibility of adding the title to the respective desire lists in PlayStation Store and Steam. This h been announced from Meridian Games, sharing a new trailer that you can see on these lines and that immerses us fully in this universe bed on the Chinese legend of the trip to the west with Sun Kong the protagonist, a being half monkey half human .

New approach to the legend of the mono King

Get ready to explore a new world inspired by trip to the west , a traditional Chinese story about the mono king , Sun Kong. You will explore the world of future-psed fanty Sun Kong , fighting only against enemies and overcoming complex obstacles to recovering the great crown stolen by the Zhu antagonist. With Zhu waiting to fight and kill you, will you be able to recover the crown and save your world of destruction?, Tells us about its official description .

Among the main characteristics of The Crown of Wu we find an ancient world full of dangers and in which Wu will have to survive all kinds of threats, extracted directly from ancient Chinese stories. And thanks to the powers of air, fire, earth and lightning , we can face every danger in the best possible way, overcoming obstacles and defeating enemies.

Discover a system of fresh and simple combat that gives you incremental powers while traveling through this terrible land to solve the mystery of the stolen crown. Get ready to jump, run and Parkour in this new world while solving intricate puzzles and you overcome increingly complex tests you advance by different levels, details those responsible on a combat system that promises to be really dynamic.


The Crown of Wu will arrive at PC and consoles soon from the hand of Meridian Games, on a specific date still to announce.