FIFA 23 TOTW 3 Predictions

The team of the week has become a fixed element within Ultimate Team, and this year is no different. With another list of games played and a team full of stars just around the corner, these are some of our FIFA 23 TOW 3 Predictions .

How to get Tow players in FIFA 23

As with many ultimate team card promotions, players can acquire them through various media. These are the ways in which you can do it:

Acquire Tow players in FIFA 23

* Try your luck buying packs.

A story as old as time, although this would not be our first option.

* Buy them through the transferable market.

These cards will be available long after your Tow version is announced. At that time, you will have to decide whether it is a decent investment.

* Challenges based on objectives.

This is not a certainty, but there is always the possibility that FIFA makes certain players be available through the objectives of the season, similar to how they displayed a couple of BTW cards.

* Keep your eyes wide open for SBC.

Again, it is not a certainty, especially with the player cards of the month that arrived at the SBS during the past week. However, it is advisable to monitor which SBC are added.

FIFA 23 TOW 3 Release date

If patterns are something to guide, Ultimate Team enthusiasts can expect their Tow board to fall in Wednesday, October 5.

FIFA 23 TOW 3 Predictions

FIFA Tow 2 focused mainly on international performances during the recess, but the clubs did it again last weekend, and many caught the attention.

And although it seems clear that Erlang Haaland is online for another award after the third consecutive hat-trick of him in the Premier League, we are here to say that not so fast.


Only for fun, we go for a conventional initial XI here. Apart from the duplication of the left ends. But again, we will get to that.

By: Kevin Trap (Eintracht Frankfurt)-by *- 86> 87 LB **

Frankfurt had to play the last 22 minutes of his match against the previously undefeated Union Berlin with one less man, but Trap and company were up to the circumstances to maintain his two-goal advantage in the first half, with Trap making five stops.

RB: Nordic Muriel (PSG)-ROB/RB/CB *- 79> 81 LB
DFC: Chris Smelling (Rome)-DFC * 81> 83 LB

A goal of the victory of a favorite by José Mourinho in a great match against Inter Milan? It is difficult to highlight the defenses in these Tow but, if we are doing a conventional XI, Smelling is in it.

* DFC: Thiago Silva (Chelsea)-DFC-86> 87 OR

It is difficult to say if Silva, which now has an improved flashback card available through SBC, will get such a quick card later.

However, after an early concession against Crystal Palace, Graham Potter’s Blues won late and defended himself well. With Silva completing 116 of the 123 passes of his Good for a rate of 94 percent. That is reliability.

* LB: Jonathan Claus’s (Marseille)-LD/LD/LD?-80> 82 LB

Two goals and an assistance at the time of play? Claus’s is on our side as fullback. Interestingly, however, he only has Availability of RWB / RB in FIFA 23. However, Marseille displayed it in LWB last weekend.

Needless to say that seemed to do wonders.

WC: Sergei Milinković-Savić (Lazio)-WC *- 86> 87 LB
CDM: André-Frank Rambo Anguish (Naomi)-CDM/CM-81> 83 OR
MCO: Jamal Musial (Bayern Munich)-cm/cam/LM 81> 83 LB

The Bayern returned to his winning path in the Bundesliga and Musial was at his best creative moment at all times. Life after Robert Lewandowski is surely different, but things don’t look so bad for German giants.

EI: Phil Modern (Manchester City)-EI/LM/CAM/CF *- 85> 87 LB **

Yes, we are approved Phil Modern who scored a triplet with his teammate Erlang Haaland against Manchester United during the weekend. But we have a reason for this.

Haaland will get a form in form at some point. He is already One to Watch and, if we are completely honest, at this rhythm he would be in the Tow every week without a doubt.

That said, we would not surprise us if Haaland achieves it anyway. Surely FIFA would not give both a report, right?

EI: Rafael Lead (AC Milan)-EI/LM *- 84> 85 LB
ST: Islam Ben Redder (Monaco)-St/cf 84> 85 LB *


Leave Juridic (FC Cologne)-MD/RAW/CDM-76> 78 OR *
Nicolas Fuller (Welder Bremen)-St/cf-75> 77 OR
Allan Messier (Leeds United)-GK-77> 79 OR

Dissed off by a man three minutes from the second half? There was no problem for the LEDs goalkeeper, who made six shortcuts in total to keep Aston Villa in a goalless draw.

Agustín Marches (CELTA Vigo)-GK-79> 81 OR *
James Maddison (Leicester City)-MCO-82> 84 OR
Time Werner (RB Leipzig)-St/cf/lw-82> 84 OR

Werner loves life in the RB Leipzig, and what better way to celebrate the 100th goal of him with the club that with his own card in shape?

Ismail Carr (Watford)-MD/RW-77> 79 OR *
Leandro Brossard (Brighton & Hove Albion)-LM/LAW/CAM/ST-79> 81 OR *

In no way Brossard Now is doing this team in some way, right? A hat-trick against Liverpool is a hat-trick against Liverpool, regardless of its unstable early form of PL.

Joshua Brent (FC Went)-RB/ROB/LB-71> 74 OR *
INAMI Williams (Athletic Club)-ST/CF-81> 83 OR *

And that is all we have in terms of FIFA 23 TOW 3 Predictions . How many do you think we will be right? Be sure to sound down with your thoughts!

We will return with more next week, but in the meantime, you also make sure to consult our other guides, such as how to complete The Challenger SBC and how to score headings down. Not to mention the endless content related to FIFA 23 in the links below.

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