All types of flat and where to find them – Slime Rancher 2

Slime Rancher 2 is an exciting adventure simulator available on a PC and free for Xbox Gameness. Continue the journey as Beatrix LeBeau and explore the new kingdom of the rainbow island. You have to make so many new discoveries, from the ancient secrets of the Earth to exciting news lines that need to be caught and which you need to take care of. Slides are necessary for your greenhouse, providing you with important flatnesses that are used to manufacture and improve equipment or for the sale of Newman flat. Here are all the various flatnesses that you will need and where to find them.

List of all varieties of Slime Rancher 2

Plates are used as resources for upgrades and equipment in Slime Rancher 2. However, they can also be sold on the flat market to earn newbies that are used to buy objects for your greenhouse, such as corrals, gardens and vaults. Prices for each site vary depending on the market prices and may increase and decrease depending on how much you sell every day.

Pink plot

Pink flat is one of the most common flattened that can be found on a rainbow island. They can be collected from pink slugs, which are fed with fruits, vegetables or meat, and they are located right on rainbow fields outside the conservatory.

mucus: * pink
Places: Rainbow fields
stands: approximately 10 newbies

cotton blank

Cotton flatness is another fairly common flat, located around the island of Rainbow, but mainly on rainbow fields, not far from the territory of the conservatory. They are assembled from cotton slides when feeding by any vegetables and are an important resource for craft.

mucus: * cotton
Places: Rainbow fields
stands: approximately 10 newbies

Tabby raft

Tabby-grinds can be obtained from striped lines if they are fed with preferred meat food. Striped slides are located along the rainbow fields and are another slime that is easy to encounter. Although the striped flat costs than cotton and pink, it is not a necessary flat fruit.

mucus: * Tabby
Places: Rainbow fields
stands: approximately 15 newbies

phosphorus site

Phosphoric flatters are obtained from bright flying phosphorus slips. However, you can find them wandering around the island only at night, since they can flourish only in the dark. You can collect their phosphorus plants by feeding them by any fruits.

mucus: * phosphorus
Places: Rainbow Fields, Ember Valley and Starlight Strand
stands: approximately 15 newbies

Patti Raft

Betty Plots come from Betty Slides, which mainly live in Ebert Valley caves. This is another mucus that prefers the darkness, and it can hardly be seen outside the shadow of caves and caves. You can get them Patti Plots by feeding them with fruits.

mucus: * Patti
Places: Embers Valley
stands: approximately 15 newbies

rock flat

Stone flatness comes from prickly, semi-hazardous stone slugs that live in caves and rocky areas, mainly in the Amber Valley. When you carefully feed the stones lines with any vegetables, you can collect a stone flat from them.

mucus: * stone
Places: Ember Valley and Starlight Strand
stands: approximately 25 newbies

boom plan

Boom-grinds can be found next to the hot and dark places around the island, from boom slips. Boom Slides is another deadly slime that you should handle carefully. They live mainly near lava spots or in caves around Ebert Valley. You can collect their flatness by feeding them meat.

mucus: * boom
Places : Amber Valley
stands: approximately 30±tubas

Angler Plot

Angler Plot comes from Angler Slime, which, although reminiscent of a cadet fish, does not need water for life. They stay near the water from the Amber Valley, but they can be seen wandering away from it and around the caves. You can get Angler Ports by feeding the slides of meat.

mucus: * Sea devil
Places: Embers Valley
stands: approximately 20±tubas

Crystal Plot

The crystalline conspiracy is similar to a stone workpiece, but usually much more valuable. They can also be more dangerous to extract, since the crystal slices from which they occur can cause significant damage to their crystalline spikes. You can find crystals lines in the Amber Valley next to the caves and collect their flat, feeding them by any vegetables.

mucus: * Crystal
Places: Embers Valley
stands: approximately 25±tubas

The plot of fire

The collection of a fiery conspiracy can be a little more complicated, since the lines in which it contains a very peculiar diet. Fiery lines live only in paired areas and lava basins of Ebert Valley. To collect a fiery conspiracy, you will need a garbage carrier with a trough for ash in your winter garden. Throwing any items that you no longer need, in a garbage can, you can create ashes at the bottom to feed your fiery lines and collect their flatness.

mucus: * fire
Places: Embers Valley
stands: approximately 30±tubas

Puddle Plot

Although the beams are polar opposite to the fiery flatters, they can be collected similarly from the meadow slips. Luzon slime scan survive only in watery puddles and ponds around Ember Valley and Starlight Strand. Their diet is just the water in which they live, which means that you will need to place them in a pond to collect their flat.

mucus: * puddle
Places: Ember Valley and Starlight Strand
stands: approximately 35±tubas

Flutter Plant

Flutter Plots is another difficult to purchase flat, but it can cost Newman for the farm. They are collected from Flutter Slides, flying lines similar to butterflies in Starlight Strand. However, their diet consists only of nectar collected from blue colors growing around the star bank. To collect their flatness, you will need to find a lunar dew nectar and feed them.

mucus: * Flutter
Places: Star coast
stands: approximately 25±tubas

Hunter Raft

Ghosts-hunters are the owners of the hunting plan. Despite the apparent ferocity, since they become invisible and attack their prey, hunters are not so dangerous. They can be found mainly on Starlight Brand, and their flatness can be collected by feeding them meat.

mucus: * Hunter
Places: Star coast
stands: approximately 20±tubas

honey conspiracy

Honey flatness can be another important flatness for your greenhouse, and it can be found in honeys lines. Honeys lines can be found wandering along the star bank. Although it may seem that they feed on honey or nectar, their main diet consists of fruits from which you can collect their flat.

mucus: * honey
Places: Star coast
stands: approximately 20±tubas

Ringtail Plot

Ring-high flatness is another beautiful plane for growing, and usually it is sold for more significant amounts than others. They can be found in elusive ring-high slips, which can only be seen at night on the shore of starlight. This mucus flourish only in the dark and turn into stone if they are caught in daylight. You can collect their flat, feeding them with any fruits, vegetables or meat.

mucus: * female Luna
Places: Star coast
stands: approximately 30±tubas

Golden Plot

Golden flatness is the rarest flat that can be found on the island, and the most valuable. Unlike other slugs, gold mucus containing golden flatters appears by accident and can be found in any region. They are also the most elusive of the lines, they exist only for a short time before disappear again. You must throw a random object into gold mucus as quickly as possible, releasing the flatness before it disappears.

mucus: * gold
Places: random
stands: approximately 350±Cubans

Floors are an integral part of your path in Slime Rancher, allowing you to create and improve equipment that benefits your research, or earn Newman to expand your conservatory and give food and blood on yours lines. Try to collect each type of mucus and feed them well in order to make all the various flatnesses you need.

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