LOL – EU Masters: Heretics completes one of the best years in the history of eSports

If we think about how the year started Team Heretics and how it will end, we have in front of us one of the greatest growth history of a brand within the electronic sports that occur to us. It is not that George’s team and company were not a renowned club within Spain, which of course it was, is that it has managed to move to the First International Division.

And, without a doubt, the key battle terrain has been League of Legends. Perhaps because it has traditionally been a video game that had not given excessive joys to the heretics, now working as an unlocking. For a few weeks they have been champions of Spain, but for a few hours they are also from Europe by winning in the European Masters summer.

A schedule at a spectacular year

Let’s start adding successes. To start, Team Heretics is FIFA 22 world champion; Something that the couple formed by Matías Banana and Hidalgo got after staying undefeated throughout the championship. A victory achieved in early May that began a magical summer for the Madrid club.


Because just in May it was when summer of the League of Legends superior started. Three months of competition that closed on August 20 at the IFMA Palace with a victory against Giants in the final 3-1. And just a month earlier, on July 27, it was officially announced that Heretics acquired the Misfits Square in LEC, the maximum European competition of the Riot Games Mob.

The thing would go a more few days ago, specifically 22, with the announcement by Riot of the clubs chosen for the VCT EMEA, the Valorant franchise league. And there were Heretics, which in just two months has entered the two main competitions of the Californian study. Therefore, the European Masters achieved yesterday endorses on the invoked crack the victories achieved in the offices.

of the most complicated European Masters

The victory of Heretics in the European Masters was not easy at all. Not so much for the almost reverse Sweep of the French of BDS Academy , if not along the way to the final. After a group stage in which BDS won both maps to the heretics, they had to work the qualifiers from the first moment. Not surprisingly, his rival in the rooms was none other than Unicorns of Love , winner of the always combative German Prime League.

It was necessary to reach the fifth map to qualify for semifinals where I expected LDC , current champion of the French LFL. 3-1 managed to earn a ticket to yesterday, where BDS Academy, who had not lost a single map, was the favorite around the world. That is why they put the 2-2 after the two rapid heretics victories, looked like the preamble of a historical reverse Sweep.

However, Heretics knew how to endure the fifth and definitive game. He did not neglect the dragons and knew how to impose his rhythm to the encounter thanks to the good work of a bot lane who waited for his moment, and to an Ibo that showed that his solidity had surpassed the occasional brilliance of Fanatic’s former, Adam. A triumph that serves as a warning to navigators to all LEC clubs for next year.