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How to get super sailor snails in Splatoon 3

Cash is not the only currency in Platoon 3, you may also hear about Super Sails, but you seem that you can’t get any. This is because they are a special currency that is only available during Splat fest, a limited time event that takes place within two days, once a month. When the next Splat fest arrives, here is How to get super marine snails in Platoon 3.

How to get super sailor snails in Platoon 3

In case Splat fest arrives at Platoon 3, and you would like to win Super is Snails, this is what you should do:

* After loading in Platoon 3, turn around. You will see the Splat fest stand preparing the store.

Make sure Platoon 3 is also updated, as well as that your Nintendo Switch is updated to the latest version.

* Talk to the jellyfish in the stand and choose the team you want to join.

You cannot change equipment after chosen, so keep in mind who promises your loyalty.

* After choosing a team, enter the lobby and join the Splat fest event.

If you participate and want to maximize the super marine snails you get, you will have to play as often as possible. Splat fest winners will get more rewards, but you can still take home a lot of super marine snails the higher your Splat fest range at the end.

How to use super marine snails in Platoon 3

Image Source: Nintendo

If you are lucky and the ability to have won some super marine snails, the best and only place to exchange them with Much. You can find it sitting outside the lobby using jeans and an unbuttoned red shirt.

Once you reach level 4, you will gladly accept the super marine snails and, in return, increase the power of the stars in the team and allow you to change the statistics of a particular garment that you like but do not have. The statistics you are looking for. With the latter, you can make your favorite articles much more viable.

Now you are caught in How to get super marine snails in Platoon 3. Be attentive to the next Splat fest, since it occurs every month. Meanwhile, practice your skills learning to make Squid Roll, as well as reading about how to climb quickly.

Fence of the prominent image: Nintendo

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