Popular cosplayer Ayaki Miyamoto I tried playing indie games recommended! Forestopia, Grid Force, God Box [TGS2022]

The largest game exhibition in Japan Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2022) held at Madurai Jesse in Chiba for four days from September 15 to 18. In the Gravity Game Alive exhibited at the indie game corner, we were able to try eight games, including unreleased titles. Also, on the 15th and 16th, popular cosplayers Atari Miyamoto (@saki_Miyamoto) ** conveyed the charm of the game for a limited time. Therefore, in this article, we will deliver the contents of Forest Pia, Grid Force-Woman’s Mask, and God Box.

Forest Pia

The latest series of DYSTOPIA, the developer of Dystopia, ATROPHY (located in Taiwan).

While keeping the pleasure of the previous work as it is, a sequel that has been updated by the game system by incorporating opinions from users as well as improving the operation feeling by the change of UI/UX. It is a healing simulation game that makes you want to look at the island, which is simple but inherits the expression of fun, making and enjoying your own island.

Players manipulate Yeti and grow plants to produce animals and bring more seeds and food.

Are the maps that can be pioneered, ice, deep sea? There are three types, and once filled plants can be freely moved.

Since you can decorate it on your favorite island, we are considering implementing the functions of inviting other users, so we are expecting exchanges between players.

Let cute animals live on the island, color the islands with beautiful flowers, and create your own special island!

Genre: Relaxing islands’ simulation

Compatible OS: Android OS / iOS

Distribution start date: October 4, 2022, Scheduled to be released

Distribution area: The whole world

Supported language: Japanese, English, Traditional, Korean, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese

Price: Basic play free (some in-app-in-apps available)


Grid Force-Woman’s Mask

This game, which won three Become awards in Games com 2022, is an RPG shooter that wins, nurtures, evolves, and evolves 28 or more of 28 or more.

More than 28 characters appearing are all women. In a different era, they add female characters in civilization to their friends, travel in the GOA world, solve the mystery of Donna, defeat artifacts and save the world.

The story part is talked about in a beautiful manga-like illustration, and the new friends and rivals you meet during your trip will change with players’ options.

The battle part can organize up to four teams in consideration of the ability, battle style, and attributes of each character. Basically, the members can replace them during the battle by operating one character at a time. There are a break attack that can be called a special attack, as well as a normal attack.

In addition, since the enemy is compatible with each attribute, it is necessary to determine that.

Conquer the mass-like field and confront the enemy that attacks one after another.

Genre: Grid Base RPG shooter

Platform: PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

Distribution start date: September 15, 2022, Released

God Box

Repair land with puzzles and exterminate monsters in battle. There are a lot of elements that collect materials from the restored land, and the overwhelming volume and the magnificent world are waiting for you.

Players will restore the land where fragmentation has begun as a restorer. It seems that where to repair it can be determined by the discretion of the player, but if you leave it too much, fragmentation will progress and the situation will worsen, so it is necessary to identify the whole fragmentation and repair it. Not.

Basically, it is a flow that meets the details of the fragmented and repair the conditions. For restoration, it will switch to a puzzle game, so you need to clear the puzzle.

And monsters appear on the restored land, and if left alone, they will eat MANA on the land, so you have to repel. Since the player is a repairer, the battle is left to a party member specializing in battles.

In the battle, we will identify the attributes of the monster and send an attribute MANA that goes well with the party to support it.

Let’s take care and develop the played land frequently. Food is indispensable for ground activities. Be careful that you will not be able to work if you run out of food because your stomach is always reduced.

In this way, the vast field is a game with many elements of the stage, with multiple elements and multiple elements of craft x puzzle x battle x RPG.

Genre: World Craft RPG

Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation5, Android OS / iOS

Distribution start date: undecided