[Landscape] The entire Ilsan Lake Park is the stage! Koreas first Pokemon GO Safari Zone

The Pokémon GO Safari Zone event was held at San Lake Park on Friday. The event hosted by Nike is one of the large-scale offline events of Pokémon GO and has been held in 14 regions in 10 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and Japan. In particular, the Safari Zone event was an indefinite tentative project due to Corona 19, but it was carried out by entering the endear.

In commemoration of the Safari Zone event, Pokemon, which is hard to see in Korea, and Loyang’s alphabet (G, O, Y, A, N), will appear. In particular, in consideration of the background of San Lake Park, the stage of the Safari Zone event, ‘Scrum’, ‘Slave (Blue Flower)’, ‘Reaming’, and ‘Long worm’ will also appear. Among them, some Pokémon can be seen in the ‘Roche’ version of different colors.

In addition, the expectation for the event has grown even more than it will collaborate with Loyang City at the last online meeting to create an optimal environment for trainers around the world. I ran to Loyang Lake Park early in the morning to participate in the Safari Zone event for the first time in Korea.


It was a weekend, so I could see that participants were mostly from far away. I was proud to see my children and participate in the event on the only weekend that I rested a week. Looking at the children around the park to catch Pokémon with their parents, it seems to show the regularity of ‘family participation event’.

Perhaps when I was holding Pokémon GO in Korea’s closest Korea, I was able to meet a lot of trainers from Japan. The Japanese trainer who entered early in the morning and visited Safari Zone in 2019 and 2020 and said this is the third time. The Loyang Safari Zone event will be returned to Monday with both participation in all three days. Then he said he would participate in the Safari Zone event in Taiwan in October and the Safari Zone event in Singapore in November.

The second Japanese couple, who met, said this is not the first time. While talking about it, it was amazing to see the placards and the trainers exchanged. They also said they would participate in the Safari Zone event next month and walked slowly to enjoy the event in earnest.

Lastly, a trainer was also from Japan. In Safari Zone, it was hard to find people who had cosplay, which was perfectly digested to pocket balls in the waist dance. I’m going to take a picture, but I gave you a Pokémon snack and Pokémon GO card that can only be found in Japan in a large bag. I asked the trainers to share these snacks and told them to take it here. Isn’t this a fun that can only be felt at the venue?

The first Pokemon GO Safari Zone event, which was the first in Korea, was more enjoyable than I thought. In particular, I felt like I came to a very large safari by using the whole, not part of the park. It took about 40 minutes to get around the park, but I didn’t have any boredom to catch Pokémon. I have done clear air and fasting aerobics for a long time to catch Roche Pokémon.

Although there was no store selling goods separately at this event, it seems to be an event that is worth participating just by enjoying nature as it is. In particular, as nike sees korea as one of the main markets, I would like to see another Pokémon GO event as soon as possible.