The Last of Us Part I is changing the opinion of the part II haters

In the 2020 one of the games that caused the most controversy in the industry was The Last of Us Part II, which contributed a quite a lot of the fan of fans, so many ended up hate. And now with the launch of the Easter of the former, some have resumed the school having a strange change of opinions.

The user of Reddit , Replayfaktor , visited the forums to share that he had changed his opinion about part I.

The player wrote the following:

I couldn’t have been more wrong about Tlou2, and I’m glad I had done it. It is absolutely one of the best games ever created, point. I was among those who got into the hate car after the revelation that joel was going to be brutally executed. I exceeded a few days after its launch, and my interest in tlou2 relied on instantly. Thou Part 1 was a literal defibrillator, and thus I played the two without stopping (relatively speaking, as my daily responsibilities allowed it hahaha).

Everything in the game, from the graphics, the combat, the stealth and, above all, the story, turned out to be not only the best moment of Naughty Dog, but one of the most proud moments for the entire video game industry. The nuanced story and how it is resolved was nothing less than brilliant. Abby convinced me as one of the best fiction characters ever created. She is so defective and so full of heart, she goes around doing her as a Terminator but at the same time she is deeply human. Ellie almost felt like the villain at the end of everything, and if she really had killed Abby, there would have been no debate. For me, Abby was the true star and hero of this game.

This was not the only comment, because other users through their publication confessed to having launched irrational hatred to the game, discovering that it was much better than they thought. So now, some consider it better work than even the first part.

Remember that The last of us part i is available in PS5.