The arsenal has broken Football Manager 23 before he comes out with his new wonder boy

Yesterday, Premier League was played after the events for the death of Isabel II in the United Kingdom. And one of the great protagonists was the Arsenal . Not so much for his 3-0 victory against Brent ford, which could more or less foresee, if not for having made history in the competition by debuting the youngest player from the foundation of the Premier League.

With 15 years and 181 days, Mike Art eta made debut to Ethan Water . He was in the final minutes and barely had prominence, but it is still a detail with one of the greatest pearls of the gunners Academy. And it makes sense that we all want to use the player in our football manager 23 games, which he is about to leave. But the reality is that it is very possible that he does not appear .


It is confirmed by a Football Manager scout

Football Manager may have the largest squad on the planet. More than 100 leagues with the most realistic attributes of all sports simulators need it… although there are some limits for the Sports Interactive game. It is not that the player is as special in a concrete area as passes or shots and will break the game, but directly cannot appear in it.

It is explained by a scout of the video game :Perhaps Sports Interactive gets a special permit by the player’s parents as they did with Regard in his day. In another way, we are not allowed to add it to Football Manager 23. Therefore, it is unlikely that it will appear in FM23 _.

Only Regard broke this rule

The norm is very clear. No player who is not going to turn 16 before the end of the year can appear in Football Manager. That is why it was possible that Borussia Dortmund had its pearl Youssef Mouton on FM 21, despite the fact that he was 15 years at the time of starting the season.

And as Oliver Designer tells, in Football Manager 15 an unusual event took place. Given the irruption of an insultingly young Martin Regard , his parents’ permission was achieved to include it in the Football Manager database. But you have to understand that this is a very special case and that the natural thing is that it is not repeated, leaving FM23 without one of the greatest world soccer pearls.