Valorant: Optic becomes the second Champions League finalist after defeating Drx

The lower bracket final in Valorant Champions has a very intense confrontation between the Optic Gaming team against DRX, on the one hand Na’s squad comes from losing to the Brazilians on the other the Koreans also lost against them during the first round Of the playoffs, now both seek to reach the grand final, but there is a better five that can define everything.

Starting in Bind The defense of Korea suffers many rounds but glued very good responses, however, the aggressiveness of Victor was present to enter quickly with his reason thus achieving a 7-5, for the next Dr side proposed rounds that would come out reverse leaving the boys of optic comfortable who managed to have a solid defense that gives them the necessary advantage to close 13-8.

Passing to Breeze We see how Crashes is awakened to place the arrows of his soy along with the bullets in the right places that would give his squad an 8-4, for the change of sides Yay turns on his devil mode to be able to get fast casualties with Chamber that gives him an impact on the game that extends the advantage leaving the Koreans behind with a 13-5.

Now at the serial point we arrive in Fracture that is selected by NA, a scenario they like and where they feel comfortable, but the Korean plan would be another with a Make that brings out their skills with Brimstone to put The 7-5, in the second half the defensive rotations that put the opponents that lose stability to give way to 13-8 that puts the Koreans into play.

In the fourth map we have Ascent that begins with a Dr that shows a totally different face where we see a Buzz that aggressively enters the sites to get the rapid casualties that give 9-3, in the second part the Korean squad maintains control of the stage to make a broader difference with which they settle the situation and send to a fifth map.


A have that would be the decisive scenario for both squads that put the nerves butt but the North American squad begins with rapid aggression that work on the defender side with a Marked that manages to put an 8-4, In the change of roles, the reaction of the Korean squad was noted, however, Yay’s devil mode is present to make the rivals fall and give the victory to NA.

A very cardiac series where only one could win, the Optic Gaming team achieves its progress the grand final where you will have to face its eternal rival Loud , a rematch of the first masters of the year that returns to Living but now the Champion League champion title is at stake, the game will take place tomorrow on the official Valorant platforms.