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Summary Program

Each character has his very own weapon inTower of Fantasy _. If the last are only skins once the weapon is obtained, they are nonetheless interesting.

Build and materials for the seas chakram

Skills and also development of the tool

Shiro awakening as well as gifts

Build as well as products for the seas chakram

2 pieces: When a target is fractured, provides a damage bonus offer of 8%/ 10%/ 12%/ 14% for 25 secs. Only the greatest effect at the greatest level will use if this perk is gotten numerous times.


2 pieces: increases by 15%/ 19%/ 22.5%/ 26% damage and also fracture for targets to even more than 50% of their PV.


Skills as well as development of the tool

For every duplicate acquired, the power of Shiro’s tool is enhanced with responsibilities.


Shiro’s tool is physical and DPS, which implies that it fully manipulates this component during battles. It has an ordinary crack rate, yet adequate to overcome the guard properly. The charging price is also ordinary but continues to be correct to pack the weapons.

All pieces of 10 degrees, you have to make use of unique sources to boost the potential of a tool. The greater the level, the more the expense will certainly additionally be, with brand-new resources to find.

Shiro Awakening as well as Gifts

Each character has his very own weapon inTower of Fantasy _. If the last are only skins once the tool is gotten, they are nevertheless intriguing. Shiro, with his seas chakram, favors range combat and also raw damage. Shiro’s tool is physical as well as DPS, which means that it fully exploits this component during fights. The charging price is additionally average yet remains right to pack the tools.

If the progression of the seas chakram is especially vital, we should not forget the affinity with the linked personalities. The last have 6 degrees of friendship, using an avatar, items of discussion or a passive feature. To get to this awakening phase, you have to supply gifts to the simulacrum. Some are much more effective in winning Shiro’s self-confidence.