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The distressing trailer of vertigo (Fall) carries terror and survival at 600 meters high

Vertigo (Fall) is a new horror and survival thril of the century , among others, and that will arrive in Spain next October. But before it will have its own premiere in our country survival thril part of the International Fantsurvival thriltic Film Festival of Catalonia ** that will take place in the town of Sitges from October 6 to 10. Do not miss the trailer at the beginning of this same news; It will leave you breathless.


Terror reaches new heights

For Becky and Hunter, life tries to overcome your fears and push your limits. However, after climbing to the top of an abandoned communications tower, they are trapped and without a way of going down. 600 meters from the ground and totally far from civilization, the girls will test their skills of expert climbers and will desperately fight to survive even if they have everything against. Will they get it? We can read in its official synopsis .

Grace Caroline Currey (Shazam!) And Virginia Gardner some mountains. The main csurvival thrilt is completed with Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead) and Msurvival thrilon Gooding (Scream).

The director and co-scientist of vertigo (Fall), Scott Mann , commented that we wanted to create the final film about the fear of heights, so we reviewed other films on this subject and we were polishing our script for Take the story even further. To create such a story, you have to put on the character’s skin, you have to see through his eyes, make the trip with them and survival thrilcend that mountain. We wanted to get that feeling of being very high and feel a very human fear .

Vertigo (Fall) premieres in cinemsurvival thril from Spain in October 2022 .