Wild rift

How to kill a bear in the farthest border

The construction of a settlement in the wild has its own characteristics. If your residents do not kill wild wolves, they will face wild bears if you do not follow the procedures that ensure their safety.

Unlike wolves, bears can cause great damage, especially if they manage to penetrate inside your village. One bear can easily kill several residents of the village.

It should also be noted that bears can attack quite early in the game, which means that you should be ready to cope with the threat, even when your settlement only began to grow.

The next leadership will show you all ways to combat bears in Farthest Frontier.

How to get rid of bears at the beginning of the game

The first thing you need to understand is that the order of a resident of the village simply to attack the bear will lead to his death. What do you need is a whole group of villagers to start cutting the bear to death.

When the bear attacks at the beginning of the game, you will have neither fortifications nor hunters. The only way out is to raise the alarm in the city center. This will rally all residents of nearby villages to attack the bear using their agricultural and collective tools. You will probably lose several residents of the village, but not enough to stop the development of your settlement.


To kill a bear without serious losses, it is best to have at least 20 residents of the village against one bear. Remember that a group of four or five inhabitants will never cause enough damage.

How to protect your city from bears

The best defense is the best attack. The presence of fences around your settlement will prevent the raids of bears on your village. The presence of viewing towers with archers also scares away bears or, even better, kills them if they show persistence.

However, these are not constant solutions. To drive the bears means that they are still hiding to jump on your workers who collect resources outside the reach of the archers.

Fortunately, bears are not as common as wolves. When you notice a bear in your area, it is strongly recommended to collect all the inhabitants of the village or soldier to kill the animal as soon as possible.

The widespread mistake of the players is to ignore any threat of a bear, since their viewing towers drive the creature. Such players never realize how many workers died from a bear until it will be too late.