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It will be held in September, ASCI, an international competition to find Roll Asian prospects.

The international competition, which is a large number of prospects in Asia, will be presented.

Riot Games announced that the 2022 Asian Star Challengers Invitational will be online with the League of Legends 2nd division teams in Korea, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and Vietnam from September 12 to 25.

Asia Star Challengers Invitational include Korea (LCK CL), China (LDL), Japan (LJL.A), Southeast Asia (PCS.A) and Vietnam (VCS.B), and famous BJs and streamers It is the Asian Continental Contest to participate.


A total of 16 teams from five regions will be divided into four groups, divided into four groups. The group stage takes place in a single-round double Robin. The top two teams of each group will advance to the playoffs, and the winners will be held by matching the quarter-finals to the final three wins and single tournaments.

The Asian Star Challengers Invitational will be held on September 12 and will be held for two weeks until the final on the 25th. Due to the reconsideration of Corona 19, all the economies are online.

As the Summer Split schedule of each region is completed and the Asian Star Challengers Invitational will be held just before the League of Legend World Championships will be held on September 29, the attention of Asian fans who want to see LOL’s sports will be focused.