All characters and actors of the Gotham Knights voicing (video game, 2022)

When you play Gotham Knights, when it comes out at the end of October, you can find that you are trying to find a place where some voicing actors had previously heard. Although some of the most famous characters of the Batman universe are really represented in the long-awaited new Cooperative DC, the cast is also experienced legends in the world of voice acting. Here is the breakdown of the actors, as well as where you may have heard or saw these actors recently.

cast Gotham Knights

Gildart Jackson-Alfred Pennyiz

Gildart Jackson is a voice actor and cinema, the most famous of which played a major in Hellsing. * final * and Janus in Star Gate: Atlantis.

Elias Tuskussis-Penguin

Elias Tuskussis is a familiar face on the screen, but if you played AS Dusk Falls, you can find out his voice as Vince.

Stephen Oyong-Jason Todd/Red hat

Stephen Oöng was played by Martin Lee / Mr. Negativati in the 2018 Video Grand Greg of the Spider.


Katherine King CO-Barbara Gordon / Batgierl

Although the loans of Katherine King C to IMDB date back to 2010, over the past three years, a surge in her loans has occurred. She plays Joani Kwan in the series.Perepasses_ **** and it can also be found in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

Christopher Sean-Dick Grayson / Netvwing

The Christopher Sean can be found in the series Yae like Brandon, as well as in the game Horizon Forbidden West, where he played arok.

Milena Dean Robik-waist al hum

If you are a fan of both DC and Marvel, you can find out Milen Din Robik as the voice of Meredith Kuill in the game Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Sloan Morgan Siegel-Tim Drake/Robin

Sloven Morgan Siegel is most famous for the role of Dwight in Duait in shaining Armor.

America in his youth-Barbara Gordon / Batgierl

America Young has been voiced by Barbie since 2018, as well as Toraley Staype in Monster high.

Michael Antonacos-Bruce Wayne/Batman

Michael Antonacos is a support in the voice of video games. He is most famous for his role of Aleksios in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey.

Marios Gavrilis-Batman / Bruce Wayne (German)

Mario Gavrilis announced Harry Osbourne in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 of 2018, as well as Ravus Knox Flera in Final Fantasy XV.

Max Laferier-Jason Todd / Red hat

Max Laferier is primarily a film actor and a stuntman, the most famous of his Susiness more. This is his first role in the video game as a named character.

David Hadon-Robin / Tim

David Houdon is a relatively new actor. His last work, in addition to Gotham Knights, is a series.Holidays of the size of the bite_.

Gabriel Paiges-Claw of the Court of Council

Gabriel Pages mainly works on television. This is his first merit in the video game.

Rohan Kenin-Court of Council / Resident Gotham / Additional Voices

Rohan Kenin-Lana, Anla and Passimian in the series. Pamemon and also voices Rosie Reyes in the English version of Dead Rivals.

Lucy Paul-Technical bandit

Lucy Paul voices Mercy in Overwatch 2, as well as Ricks Flaxley in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.

di Kuon-Tech Thug / additional voices

Although this is the first role of Di Kuon as an actor of voicing in a video game, she became an actress since the time of the 2002 film. Ghorn on Manhattan.

Kate Miller-policeman Gotham City / Technical Bandit / Additional Voices

Kate Miller began her career on Broadway, but most recently Vivian played in the series. Ra. She voices Urd in the upcoming video game God of War: Ragnarok.

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