Super Nintendo World will sell your merchandise online

One of the greatest desires for video game fans, but especially Super Mario Bros. The popular company saga. And like any exclusive site, there you can buy products in allusion to Mario **, which will be sold beyond the park.


And it is that the online product store of Universal Studios in Japan has begun to list products related to the area of Super Nintendo World , which means that users no longer have to travel to the park to acquire them. This includes stuffed animals, t-shirts, bibs, figures, the famous Toko Toko Mario , cars of the Kart saga, among other things.

Of course, for those who live outside Japan it will be somewhat complicated to acquire the merchandise, since shipments are only made in that region, although this could change in later years. Fortunately, the United States would not expect much, since next year the Super Nintendo World section in California and other states will open.

In news related to Nintendo , it is mentioned that the company would be making a modification to the packaging of consoles, thus having an important reduction under a certain specific purpose. If you want to know the reasons behind this strange decision, we invite you to click on the following link.