August Game War Mak… Big 3 expectation

[Summers Moon Young-soo reporter] The end of the game in August rose. Competition was created as the launch of anticipated works based on famous intellectual property rights (IP).

According to the game industry on the 18th, Com2u’s’ Summers War Chronicle ‘, which was released on the 16th, will start Line Games” Old Origin ‘on the 23rd and Nexon’s’ Hit 2′ domestic service on the 25th.. The launch of anticipated works in the second half of the year leads to short intervals.


Summers War Chronicle is a large-scale multi-entertainment game (MMORPG) based on the ‘Summers War’ IP, which has surpassed 150 million downloads worldwide. Based on 350 various summons, it is characterized by the fun of the strategy that the existing MMORPG did not encounter.

Summers Wars, who celebrated the third day of launch: Chronicle’s users who are exposed to Chronicle are acclaimed for their differentiated gameplay from other MMORPGs. The star rating is also high. In the Apple App Store, 586 reviews have been registered and scored 4.6 points (out of 5), and Google Play, which has more than 3,100 reviews, is also scoring 4.4 points. The sales rankings are also on the rise. According to the mobile index, the game is currently ranked 5th in the Apple App Store. Google Play has not yet been aggregated.

Origin, which will be released on the 23rd, is an MMORPG to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the 90’s masterpiece series, the ‘Sea Era’. It was co-developed by Motif and Japan’s Co-A-Tech Mo Games. In order to achieve various purposes such as the world’s weekly and ocean monopoly against the backdrop of the 16th century, you can enjoy various contents such as sailing, trade, exploration, battle, growth, and resource management.

The game attracted attention by boldly excluding probability-type items, which were the main revenue models of existing game companies. The company explained that it eliminated business models based on probabilistic items, such as changing the users directly by playing ships, navigators, and equipment parts while playing two private tests (CBTs). Lee Deuk-gyu said, As a result of removing all the probable business models, I received positive feedback on the second test and early account.

Hit 2 is a formal sequel to the action RPG ‘Hit’, which was the No. 1 mobile game sales for Nexon in 2015. MMORPG, which focuses on large-scale battles, such as showing siege warfare from the launch stage, will start the service at 0 o’clock on the 25th.

The game attracted attention by introducing a lot of contents that were not available in existing MMORPGs, such as the streamer’s sponsorship function and the character gift function. Expectations were raised enough to close 35 pre-character preemptive servers that were implemented at the end of last month.