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Tom Holland announces social networks pause

Hollywood stars today usually have social networks, this to make their followers known data of their daily life or positive thoughts that give hopeful messages. However, it usually happens that some get tired of constantly publishing content, and it has precisely happened to Tom Holland, Marvel star.

Through a publication of Instagram He was talking about a series of useful applications of the beneficial organization Stem4 , a group with which he works through his organization The Brothers Trust . He talked about four different applications that he offers Stem4 and how his group helps support them.

On his part, he gave a temporary farewell message, ensuring that a social networks time is removed, this due to how overwhelming that can be navigate in them, and seeing the comments that direct him, as well as criticism.


Here is a fragment of his message:

Hello guys, I have been trying to do this for an hour, and for someone who has spent the last 13 or 14 years, regardless of the time he has been acting, I seem that I cannot say what I need to say without umming and Arring every five minutes. So I’m going to try again. I will take a break from social networks for my mental health, because I consider that Instagram and Twitter are overestimulants, overwhelming, I trapped and fell spiral when I read things about me online and, ultimately, it is very harmful to my mental state. So I decided to step back and delete the application.

It is worth mentioning that the actor has also taken a pause of the films, so he will be a time away from the reflectors, possibly until the end of the year.