Open world forest survival GREEN HELL The number of players has risen dramatically. Perhaps because Capybara can be bred

On August 1, Creepy JAR performed a free update for the PC version of the open world survival game Green Hell and added breeding elements such as Capipara. Since the update has been implemented, the number of simultaneous connections in Steam has increased significantly.

GREEN HELL is an open world-type survival simulation set in the Amazon rainforest officially released in 2019. In addition to the PC, it has also been released on PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch. The main character of this work is Jake, who came to survey of ethnic minorities living in Amazon with his lover, Mia. One day, when Mia, who came to the investigation alone, asked for a wireless help and head for rescue, he was chased by some1. Jake, who gets lost without weapons or food, will explore to reunite with Mia and survive from Amazon. It is an attractive work: full-fledged survival elements, nutritional management using smartwatches in the work, and changes in parameters due to mental state.

Animal breeding elements have been added to the PC version of GREEN HELL in a free update. Breeding can be breeded by Capybara Baku Peccari. If you use the new weapon Blow arrow in the update to sleep, and then put it in an animal enclosure made in the base, life with the animals will begin. Regular feeding boxes and water trails, and cleaning in the enclosure increases the reliability of animals. As the reliability rises to a high level, it is possible to react or stroke the player’s whistle. In addition, children are born when they are breeding similar male and female with high reliability. The breeding animals can also pet, but they can also be burned as valuable proteins. In addition, a beekeeping element has been added so that honey can be produced.

Since this update, the number of simultaneous connections of GREEN HELL has increased. According to SteamDB, the number of simultaneous number of people on August 1, when the update was implemented, was 1912, but it increased to 6721 peaks on August 7. The numbers are more than three times. Are there many players who are attracted to healing among Amazon, which are full of natural threats?

In this work, the number of players for each update is regularly seen. Even when the third chapter of the day before the main story of the story Amazonian Spirit was added at the end of March this year, the number of simultaneous people, which had been in 3,000 people, was temporarily increased to 7,000 levels. ing. Many players enjoy survival with new elements for each update.

In addition, Steam Survival Festival is currently being held on Steam. Survival games such as THE FOREST and the zombie open world 7 days to Die, which survive the forests with food, are cheaper. According to SteamDB, the above two works have increased the number of simultaneous connections since the start of the sale (about 2 to 2.5 times compared to the peak time before the start of the sale), so the sale seems to be a role in increasing the number of people. The increase in the number of people in GREEN HELL is probably the synergistic effect of Capybara and the sale.


Green Hell has been expanded since the implementation of up to four CO-OP mode in April 2020. Since the same month, the average number of simultaneous number of people has been kept to more than 1,000 people, indicating a strong popularity. If you are worried about this work, please play it.

GREEN HELL is on sale for PC (Steam)/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch. The Steam version can be purchased at Steam Survival Festival until 2:00 am on the 9th of tomorrow.