Mario Kart 8-Leak discloses virtually all future DLC

The 2nd wave of the route booster-pass DLC has just gone live with the new upgrade of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Finding fans have actually already discovered indicators of mostly all upcoming DLC routes in the code of the game.

these are the feasible upcoming DLC routes for MK8

The games also in the code of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe can not be located, yet with the brand-new Update 2.1.0, music sneak peek data has evidently finished up in the video game. These usually offer to begin a track, while the game in the background tons the full track.

Twitter customer FishGuy6564 separated which tracks can be assigned to which paths:

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This would lead to the adhering to race course for upcoming DLCs:

whatever crucial regarding the route pass.

The paths marked with question marks are still unidentified, which might be completely new courses. This would cover with an older leak from FishGuy6564, which had currently appropriately anticipated the brand-new gelato adventure route.

Of training course this is not formally validated leaks, so enjoy the whole point with caution. The individual properly anticipated the names of the upcoming cups and the original platforms of the 2nd wave of the DLC routes.
| Fels-Cup:
[Tour route], Peach Schlossgarten (DS), Buu Huu-Valley or destroyed course (GBA), hill path (3DS).| Mond-Cup: Pflaster from Berlin (tour), Waluigi Arena (GameCube), Hill Guution (?), Rainbow Boulevard (3DS).
, Los Angeles coastline location (tour).
Tour route]| Double cherry cup:
Bangkok night red (tour), [GameCube route], [SNES route], [ | Eichel-Cup: Vancouver Wildpfad (tour), Blätterwald (Wii), [| Stachi-Cup: [Tour route], [Gamecube route], [- Gread], [Wii route]

What would you consider the Mario Kart paths if you were ahead real? .
| Price: 24.99 euros; Additionally included in the Switch online development pass.| Up until now there are two waves available, until completion of 2023 4 waves will certainly follow.

The pass can be acquired independently as well as is additionally part of the Nintendo Switch on the internet development pass. You need the main game Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to play the DLC, it is not a standalone extension. All details regarding the route pass is readily available in the upcoming DLC summary.

The booster route pass is a paid DLC that brings changed courses from old components of the Mario Kart collection as well as totally new paths for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

You can take a look at the brand-new paths of the second DLC wave below in the trailer: .

Tour route] Wii route]

All details concerning the route pass is offered in the upcoming DLC introduction.

** Of course this is not officially validated leakages, so enjoy the whole thing with caution. The individual appropriately predicted the names of the upcoming cups and also the original systems of the 2nd wave of the DLC paths.