Indonesia, Steam & Epic Games Store blocked. Give me the data

On July 27, the Indonesian government asked IT companies that are providing Internet contents, and the Steam and Epic Games Store functions were blocked as IT companies that were providing Internet contents. The Indonesian government said that these operators will resume the service when they are registered in the database.


In 2020, Indonesia has passed a bill that allows the government to get information about certain users online so that the government can delete the contents that harm public order. According to the bill, the operator must respond within four hours of emergency requests and provide a database to the government.

Indonesia’s local authorities notified the database by July 27, and blocked the services of companies that did not respond to the date. The steam and Epic Games Store included here are impossible to connect locally, and of course you can’t play the game.

According to foreign Euro gamers, about 1.91 million Internet users are expected to be influenced by this ban. Companies that have been sanctioned with valves and steam are Yahoo and PayPal. Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have registered in the government database. Craftton, which is popular with Battleground, is known to have completed the measure.