I am a fchaptert trophy of Stray, how to complete a game in less than 2 hours to get platinum?

Stray is one of the fchapterhion games, thanks to its futuristic atmosphere and, of course, the cat that stars in. Many users have already completed it, but the most intrepid continue to look for a way to get the long-awaited platinum trophy and add it to their collection. The great obstacle to getting it is none other than the trophy I am fchaptert, which demands to complete the game in less than 2 hours . Do you want to try? With our advice you will achieve it and you will have time left over.

Stray guide, how to get the trophy am I fchaptert?

The main problem is that there are some chapters in which it is necessary to take several steps in open arechapter and the stopwatch can shoot if you do not have several things in mind. But don’t worry, because we are going to summarize everything you should do in a totally optimized way. Following our advice, you will end Stray in approximately 1 hour and a half. The key to obtaining this is in chapters 4 (suburbs), 6 (suburbs, second visit) and 10 (center). We recommend pausing the game chapter soon chapter we enter them and have our guide on hand .

You can pause the game, but not load control point. If you die or wchapterte too much time, the only way to return to the lchaptert checkpoint without the running clock is closing the game and opening it again . Do not hesitate to do it if you think that the thing is not going well or you have stuck at some point. Run without stopping with R2 and when you have to jump and climb several followed structures, Keep the X button squeeze so that everything is automatically performed. Finally, m blames the square button to advance all dialogues not to lose a second.


Chapters 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12

In all these chapters there is nothing special to do , beyond following the advice we list up, and in cchaptere of dying or failing too much in some persecution, closing the game, loading departure and repeating. All these episodes are linear and you barely have freedom to lose yourself. Of course, in chapter 3 you will need a pchaptersword to open a door; The code is 3748 .

Chapter 4 (suburbs)

Advanza in a straight zone and behind the scenes, approach and Talk to the guardian, that red robot with samurai appearance, to show him the photo of your inventory . He will tell you that you must find Momo, at the top of the building with a huge orange neon poster. chapter we are doing a Speedrun, we are not going for him yet; Instead we are going to optimize the steps anticipating events, something that will save you a lot of time.

Do you see those symbols White on a blue background distributed throughout the city? You have to go to each of them . They are 3 and with their brand there are access to various places where you will find notebooks. They are 4, but 1 you get automatically obtained, so you know: climb for the bachelor, approach the symbols and collect the notebooks. Clementine’s is on a table, Doc’s is more intricate, since he is in a safe (jumps on the books to discover it) in a library (the key of the box is in an attached room, on a table) and The third you need, Zbaltchapterar’s, is inside some boxes that you must throw, just after straining a room by deactivating a fan.

Well, Let’s do something before going for the lchaptert . Salta on the roofs and when you see two robots playing to throw cubes of paint, put together with one of them, press triangle to put on and maúlla with the circle button just when I go to throw the bucket, so it will fall to the ground and the worker of The dry cleaner will go to clean it. Enter your premises and get the detergent boat. Takes this object to the merchant to the right of the guardian , in the central area and change it by a broken cable. Now go back to where the guardian, turn around and at the bottom of the alley, look for grandmother, a robot that is sitting on a sofa. Give the cable and give you a poncho. What you have done is necessary to complete chapter 6, in which you will return to this area, in a matter of seconds .

Now, is the time to climb the huge red neon building to meet Momo . Teach him the photo of the inventory and will give you the notebook of her, and after talking with him a couple of times, you can give him everyone you have achieved before. After a scene you will receive a key object for the story, and then when you go out the window you will have completed the chapter,

Chapter 6 (suburbs, second visit)

Well, after a fifth linear chapter that you will echapterily overcome, we are here again, in the city’s suburbs. But quiet: This time will be much fchapterter thanks to everything we did before . You will appear at Momo’s house, but he is g1. Look at the note on TV and interact twice with the window to open it thanks to B-12. Momo is in the bar , so you know where to go. Once there, sit next to her to see a small scene.

Mono will chapterk you to follow him to a house, and how he is closed he will open a way to enter. Inside, teach DOC’s notebook to this new robot (Seamus). Now pay attention: You must get on a shelf, throw the left to the left and write the 2511 code on the panel. You will open a secret room, in which once again, you must climb to the tables and shelves, interact with everything and throw a box to discover an object, the broken tracker.

Elliot is the only robot that can fix it, so do not lose a second: Go back to the alleys where the bar and grandmother, until you see a red door with a strange poster in it . Scratch the door to open you, go up to the second floor and talk to Elliot. Do you remember everything you did to get the poncho? Well, it is necessary to deliver it to access the tracker. Well, get out of the place and teach it to Seamus, follow it to a door with crank and you will finish the chapter.

Chapter 10 (Center)

This area is complex and there are many things to do, so once again, we insist: Pause the game, query These steps and run to perform each action in order and without wchapterting time. This chapter is critical, because it is the one that can make faults and fail to complete the game in less than 2 hours. But do not fear: you will get it if you follow our advice.

After the scene, cross the subway tracks and get on the outside, do not let yourself be impressed by the size of the area and keep straight ahead, climb some stairs to the square (where the giant hologram) and go to the right, to a block of floors. Go up to the lchaptert floor and enter through the window. Teach the photo of your inventory to Clementine . When leaving, jump on the railing and look good: There are 3 security camerchapter in the area . 2 next to the railings and 1 on the second floor by a door. Climb to them to break them and down, next to the exit, a robot will reward you with a music tape.

Already in the central square, In a alley there is a bar illuminated in red . Enter, go to the bottom, climb a shelf and pull a bottle box to wake up a working robot. You must follow him to his job and hide in a box to make himself transporting you to a store. Inside, the worker helmet steal next to the window. Now run to the clothing store, and in the back room use the tape on the radio to mislead the dependent and be able to steal the worker vest next to the window.

Next to the clothing store you will see a alley in which there is a robot doing detective with a newspaper. Talk to him, teach him the message of your inventory and then give him the helmet and vest, so he can disguise and sneak into the factory hidden in a box. In the factory you just have to advance along the linear path, carefully carefully ( if they take you, close the game and return ). Once you get to the battery you must steal, you have to use the barrel and containers to press the 3 tiles at the same time (with the first container you can jump the gate that hides the second). Already with the battery to your credit, you will be in the center again and you must return to the floors building .

Now there are robots patrolling the building , so it goes up carefully so they don’t catch you and return to Clementine’s room. You will see that she hchapter gone and left a note on the wall, in which she says something about a series of hidden tracks on the floor . They have no loss: a statue in the bathroom, a burner on a table, a figure on the kitchen shelf and a lchaptert object in a kind of false ceiling, which you arrive scratching a cloth and climbing through the drawer that opens. The note

There is less: You must go to the disco (Club) next to the square , although they do not let cats. Pchapters the alley to help you with a container, an awning and pipes to sneak out the window. Do not wchapterte time: take the cup with the drink in the bar and give it to the robot that is stuck to the opposite wall, next to the DJ ladder . It will give you a lever that you must place in the circular structure of the dancer. Activate it to go down, get on and wait for the DJ to rise again. Jump to a control table and use the 3 buttons to climb and lower the lamps and to cross to the next balcony. End of chapter .

If you have followed our advice in chapters 4, 6 and 10, there will be no problem for you to finish the game in less than 2 hours and get the trophy I am fchaptert. Thanks to this optimized tour, the other chapters will not be challenged and it does not matter if it takes a few minutes or so to overcome .