NO Mans Sky Full renovation of cargo ships! ENDURANCE update distribution start -half -price sale is also being held

On July 20, British Indie Bellopper Hello Games distributed the latest update Endure to the SCI-Fi action adventure NO Man’s Sky and released the trailer.

fully renovated on a cargo ship

In this update, cargo ships were mainly renewed. A new design is designed with more variations in appearance, members who use players can walk inside the ship, be able to view outer space directly on the deck from cargo ships. There are a wide variety of reviews and improvements.

In addition, space storms, new multi-player missions, improvement of visibility of long-range objects, simplification of frigate ships, customizes the engine injection nozzle of cargo ships, expansion parts on the theme of technology, and expressions in waste covers. Various improvements such as enhancements have been implemented. For details, please check the official website (English).

New Paul Star joint exploration starts soon

The joint exploration is repaired by a journey around the galaxy by repairing a cargo ship equipped with unique technology.

In addition, a Twitch Drops event will be held to commemorate the update. On the video distribution site such as game play, you can get an in-game item according to the time you saw the Drops valid tags on this work. For details, please check this official website (English).

No Man’s Sky, which continues to provide new fun, is being distributed on PC (Steam/Microsoft Store/Gog.com)/PS4/PS5/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One. It also supports VR. In addition, the Microsoft Store, which handles Windows 10 PC and Xbox version, is also compatible with Xbox Game Pass. Currently, half-price sale is being carried out on the platform excluding gog.com. The Nintendo Switch version will be released on October 7.